Completing an Office Chair Gas Lift Replacement

The cubicle in your office holds several pieces of equipment that you will need every single day for several hours a day. There is probably a computer and phone at the ready for you to handle everything from customer requests to communication with co-workers and everything in between. One part of the equipment that you may not consider is the office chair.

Your office chair is an important part of the setup you have in your office space. It is something you will use for several hours every single day and that time can certainly build up over the months and years that you spend working. Office chairs are subject to wear and tear over time. The seat will become formed to your posture and eventually start to sink from continued use. This can be the result of an office chair gas cylinder starting to wear out and need replacing.

A chair that needs a gas lift replacement is not one that needs to be completely replaced. It can be easy to replace the cylinder on your chair without needing anything more than a few tools and a new replacement lift and best of all, you can complete the process all on your own.

To start the process of an Office Chair Gas Lift Replacement, you need to remove the old cylinder from the chair base. Turn the chair sideways and use a rubber mallet to tap on the base until it is removed from the chair. Using a pipe wrench, grab hold of the top of the old cylinder and continue to twist it until it removes from the mechanism. You may need to use some WD40 on the mechanism to help it release easier.

Once you have removed the old lift, you can take the new one and attach it in a similar way. Add the new gas lift to the chair base and lift both back into place, attaching to the mechanism. When you lift the chair back up into place and the parts should fasten together. Once this happens, the chair can be used again as it was before and be adjusted as needed.

Completing an office chair gas lift replacement is important for adjusting the height of the chair so you have the posture you need to work effectively. The gas lift can raise and lower the chair to different heights depending on your height or the height of the desk you are using. This allows you to rest your arms at the proper height, to keep your back, shoulders, and neck straight and can improve your overall health, preventing muscle and joint pain.

An office chair gas lift replacement does not require a lot of time to complete, which can be great if something happens and you need a fix quickly. You can be back to working in comfort in no time. And it can be very easy to get the right parts.

Just choose Office Replacement Parts and find the perfect part for your chair. Office chairs can require more than just gas lift repairs and replacements. You may need to replace the base of the chair, the arm pads, the seat, the wheels, every part of the chair can be replaced easily. It helps when you have a place that offers great brands of all of the parts you could possibly need at affordable prices.

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