Come Find Gabriel And Company Earrings at Love My Swag

For years now, Gabriel and Company have produced some of the most highly regarded pieces of jewelry in the world. Women all over the world look for Gabriel and Company jewelry to complete the look of their attire, and sometimes no other style will do. Voted the number one jewelry brand in 2016, 2017 and 2018, there are few other designers as enduringly popular as Gabriel and Company.

So if you’re looking for Gabriel and Company Earrings, the logical step is to take a look at what’s in store at At, you’ll find no end of hard to find and exquisite designs from the most sought after brands in the jewelry industry. Hard to find names like Alwand Vahan, VSA, Meira T, and Janis Savitt are all here. Gabriel and Company is no exception, and when you are looking for Gabriel and Company Earrings, you can be sure you’ll find them at

Take a look at Gabriel & Co’s Pave Quatrefoil Studs. It might be said that they are the perfect representation of the splendor that typifies Gabriel & Co, but then again, it can’t rightly be said that there is one type of splendor that typifies Gabriel & Co. The designs you’ll find from Gabriel & Co are surprisingly novel and each of them is curiously distinct from the others. Their Pave Quatrefoils in white gold offer .25 carats of diamonds in an attractive four-leafed format. They are simple but effective in their charm. Alike only in name, their Pave Diamond Studs showcase the resplendence of yellow gold in a piquant yet geometric design that is a pleasing match. They would work impressively well as a complement to a surprising number of styles.

For an illustration of the unique character of Gabriel and Company Earrings take a look at their Diamond Huggie Hoops. Not only do these earrings feature an impressive amount of shimmer – almost a whole carat of diamonds – their free movement is equally commanding. Perhaps best of all, their screw back closure makes it very difficult to ever lose an earring again. It’s not just form but function that defines the designs of Gabriel and Company. Similar but not the same are Gabriel and Company’s ¾” Classic Diamond Hoops. They mount white diamonds in an interestingly nonconformist style. The edge of the hoops displays quatrefoils of white diamonds in a fashion that is fairly unique. It’s just another defining feature of the excellence of Gabriel and Company Jewelry.

Always innovative, Gabriel and Company also bring you designs like their 1.2” Inside Out Hoops, with white gold hoops proudly couching over two and a half carats of white diamonds for a style that can only be found in the designs but Gabriel and Company. Decked inside and out with the peerless splendor of diamonds these earrings will make a splash in any setting – and with so much area devoted to their diamond settings, they will shine in any light. It’s only one of the many excellent selections you will find from Gabriel and Company at Love My Swag

So when you find your heart pining for the designs that you’ll find at Gabriel and Company, don’t settle for the competition. Especially when you can trust the discerning discretion of the people at Love My Swag to find exactly what you’re looking for, there’s no reason to get anything but the best. Take a look through the pages of Love My Swag where you won’t just find these and other favorite pieces from the lines of Gabriel and Company. You never know what you’ll find there, considering they’re constantly making additions to their catalog of exquisite offerings.

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