Combat Heat in Your House with Solar Screen Shades

Solar shadings are much in style these days. They are contemporary and sleek window treatments that mitigate summer heat, creating a cool environment in a room. The specialty of screen shades is that they create a comfortable ambiance inside a room without hampering the pleasure of outside views.

Some Simple Tips for Solar Shades

⮚Solar shades have an openness factor relating to the tightness of its weave. Materials with loose weaves have high openness, meaning they offer greater visibility through them. More light also passes through such materials. On the other hand, low openness means a greater amount of light is blocked and less visibility.

⮚Light color screen shades reflect greater amounts of light and brighten a room more. View through such shades is similar to sheer draperies. On the contrary, dark color shades provide perfect glare reduction and warm up the room.

⮚Installing double layers – one dark and one light – solar screens create a perfect ambiance in a room.
Living Room

The living room is a popular place for installing screen shades. They reduce the sun’s glare and heat inside the room and also protect interior furnishing and art from UV rays. Is harsh light preventing you from enjoying a living space with family and friends? Solar screens are the best solution. They control inflowing light while preserving the external views. You can also pair these shades with drapery to add sophistication and improved privacy.
Another very important reason for pairing screen shades with drapery panels is that the shades do not offer privacy during night when there are indoor lights turned on. The drapes can provide complete privacy in such situations. Moreover, drapery and solar shades are extremely functional and versatile.

Solar shades are also the right fit for home offices as they prevent glare from entering through the windows, which, in turn, allows a person to look at their computer screen without interruption. In fact, no matter what your workplace is, whether it is a corporate office or home office, screen shades create a comfy space for productive work.

Besides these areas, there are also other places like dining spaces and kitchens, where solar shades are the appropriate choice.

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