Clear Your Doubt of Whether You Should Take a GMAT or GRE Exam

Possibly the most common question asked by students is, whether a GRE exam is better or should they go for GMAT? Let’s get one thing clear; GRE is an entrance exam for many graduate schools in US and Canada. GMAT however only applies to B-schools.

Now for all B-schools applicants another question might pop up in their minds, whether a GMAT is better or a GRE?

Clear the Concept about GMAT and GRE

For those who wanted to study executive business management, GMAT had been the gold standard for many years. It was tough, rigorous and only a handful of the selected best would get an admission to the B-schools. However with the introduction of GRE, a so-called easier version of GMAT soon killed the crazy demand of GMAT. Many graduate schools in various fields started accepting GRE score; the famous of them are the IVY League Schools in the US.

When talking about, gmat vs gre, you need to understand that the main goal of GRE exam was to diversify the applicant pool. It encourages all the non-business applicants to go for a business graduation. Many entrepreneurs or doctors go for a B-school degree to further their business. This is where GRE is helpful, as all applicants with non business backgrounds go for a GRE test.

Some General Differences between GMAT and GRE

Apart from what is mentioned above, you can classify some general differences between the two exams. For example:

  • GRE test is for business and non-business schools, whereas GMAT is for business schools only.
  • In regards to the test structure, GRE consists of a 60-minute Analytical Writing section, 60-minute Verbal Reasoning section, 70-minute Quantitative Reasoning section and a few minutes of experimental questions verbal or written. The GMAT on the other hand consists of 30-minute Analytical Writing, 30-minute Integrated Reasoning section, 60-minute Quantitative section and 65-minute Verbal test.
  • GRE can be taken both online and offline, but GMAT is only a computer adaptive test which is taken online.
  • There is also the fee difference of 205 us Dollar for GRE and 250 US Dollar for GMAT.
  • Certain sections of GMAT are harder than GRE, like the Quantitative Section.

How do I choose between the two?

Choosing between the two can be tricky. There can be no gmat vs gre competition. One of the simplest solutions is to see your background. If you are not from a business background, opt for GRE. But, if you are confident regarding your business management skills you can sit for a GMAT exam. Another method that can be tested by all aspirants is to try the test questions for both exams. The test questions are similar to what you would get in the actual exam. By practicing on them, you realize which exam is best for you; a GMAT or a GRE. Specialized preparation classes and tutors can also shed a light on what you should choose. Once you have determined which exam is right for you, just go and take the test and finish it off with flying colours.