Clean Number Plate With Complete Precaution – Read below

It’s extremely important to keep both the interior and exterior of your car. People wash their car, polish, etc. but often forget to clean the customized number plate attached to it. The fact is your number plate too needs to look clean and clear like the body of your car.

Unfortunately, people do not pay attention to this and you would find cars running on the roads with dirty or hazed number plates. This spoils the entire look of your car. So, you must take care of the number platters. However, you should take certain precautions while cleaning the number plates and avoid chemicals that are too abrasive as these chemicals may damage the paint and even wipe out the numbers.

Penalty for dirty number plates:

Apart from the look and style, you are required to keep your private number plate squeaky clean. The numbers should be visible from a fair distance or else you may have to face bitter consequences. You need to pay a fine of up to £1,000 in case the plate is invisible to the eyes. Also, drivers in the United Kingdom are required to keep the following in mind – layouts, fonts, and character specifications.

Let’s take a glance at some of the tips that may help you to protect your number plates:

Ensure you get the right materials, accessories, and tools especially to remove the plate. You will require a set of proper tools comprising of screwdrivers or spanners as you have to remove the nuts and bolts. Ensure you keep them properly in a safe place.

Gather these materials and accessories to clean the plate:

  • A clean towel
  • A cleaning brush or toothbrush
  • Car wash soap
  • WD-40
  • Naval jelly
  • Tools – Screwdrivers, spanners, adjustable pliers, etc.

Remove the number plate:

First thing first, you will need to remove the customized number plate to clean them properly, and for this, you will require a screwdriver or adjustable pliers. Also, you can use the right-sized spanner as it will be easy to remove the bolts. Before starting the work ensure you put some powder or grease over the bolts as they would be tightly fixed and you may have difficulty in removing them. Grease or oil will help in removing even rusty screws.

Removing rust and cleaning the number plate:

The simple way to remove the rust is by spraying some trusty WD-40 onto your rusty spots and wiping dry with a clean cloth. Use naval jelly for the extremely rusted bolts. Scrub the bolts using a light cleaning brush or toothbrush. When cleaning your private number plate, you will need water and car wash soap to wash. Leave the plate submerged for around five minutes to loosen any dirt on the surface, before removing. After this, remove the plate and lightly rub with a clean towel in circular motions.

Polish your number plate:

You can apply the car polish after cleaning the number plate with water. The polish wills add much-required shine to your private number plate and increase its longevity. The car polish removes the stains or surface marks including small scratch marks from your plate. However, while selecting the car polish, ensure it can be used to clean the number plates as on average these car polishes are abrasive and may damage the paint of your number plate or even wipe out the numbers while rubbing with a towel.

Fix the plate back on the car:

You have cleaned the number plate properly. It’s now time to fix the plate onto your car. Ensure your screws are dry since you had used oil or grease earlier that may spoil the look and feel of the newly cleaned cherished number plate. The best idea is to replace the old screws with a set of new ones if they become too rusty. It is always advisable to use zinc-coated screws, as well as protective caps, to make sure the job becomes easy for the next washing time.

Numerous companies undertake the cleaning of cars and do it at a professional level. You can get in touch with one of them. However, ensure they take proper care of the personalized registration plate since it’s the identity of your car on the road.

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