Church Renovations – Traditional and Contemporary Changes

When it comes to renovating a chapel, you need to make sure the project is given proper attention. Church renovation includes refurbishing the existing seating arrangements, making new seating setups, installing customized lighting fixtures, changing the interior design, installing audio/video streaming, renovating the church flooring and more. There are some companies that provide quick services and installation projects while others offer comprehensive renovation services. Complete renovation service includes changes in architectural designs, master planning and other construction projects.

Now, church renovation can be of two types – modern and traditional renovation. Let’s have a look at both of these…


Modern renovations include removal of all outdated features such as chancel furnishing, pews and replacement with new and modern setups like church chairs and theatre-like seating for worship. Companies can transform the worship platform so that there is greater flexibility for seasonal events, musical shows and church bands. Designers and project managers also suggest modern flooring choices such as, concrete refinishing, stone floor, hardwood floor, laminated flooring, hard tile flooring and modular carpet.

In modern church renovation, the interior is also reconstructed or refurbished with modern video and audio technologies and lighting. All these changes in church decoration will surely enhance the overall worship experience. The modern LED lighting systems provide efficient lighting and a stimulating ambiance. Contemporary renovation of a church can include:

  • New choir chairs
  • Platform remodeling and redesigning
  • LED lighting
  • New tile and carpet
  • Modern furnishing
  • Theatre seating
  • New church chairs

Modern renovation is likely to change the look and feel of a house of worship completely.


Some churches wish to restore their historical significance. They provide various ways of modifying the worship platform to have greater flexibility while still respecting its unique architecture. Companies undertaking church renovations have experienced designers who can ornate wooden moldings and plaster to ensure that future generations can take the pleasure of the original architectural features of the church. They can not only preserve but also replicate church furnishings such as chairs and pews so they are like the original.

Companies also provide stained glass windows to restore the antique stained glass of a church. The goal of any historical and traditional church renovations is to enhance architectural features of a church while preserving its historical nature.

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