Choosing Your Home Drinking Water Filtration System

When it comes to Home Drinking Water Filtration, many homeowners take the “easy” option in the form of cumbersome water filter pitchers. These pitchers not only take up valuable room in your refrigerator, but they offer subpar filtration while requiring daily maintenance. If you want a more practical option for your home, it’s time to start considering a dedicated water filtration system for your home.

Here at efilters, we specialize in home drinking water filtration. Our Everpure filtration systems offer incredible drinking water filtration while only needing to be maintained once or twice per year on average. If you want a filter option that offers superior water quality while also being easier to use and maintain, our systems are the perfect solution for providing clean water 24/7.

Everpure systems are designed to mount under your sink where they can filter water out of sight. This filtered drinking water is dispensed via a dedicated filtered water faucet. If the idea of adding an additional faucet to your kitchen does not appeal o you, we also carry a few systems that will dispense your filtered water via the cold water side of your existing faucet.

No matter which system you choose, you will enjoy the powerful home drinking water filtration that these systems offer. Every Everpure system is designed to remove waterborne contaminants including those responsible for foul tastes and odors. With the ability to remove contaminants as small as 0.5 microns, these filters are much more effective than filtered pitchers which can only filter down to about 5 microns. With ten times the filtration power and filters with up to 150 times the lifespan, these systems are an upgrade over the filtered water pitcher in every sense of the word.

The reason Everpure systems are so effective is the fact that their filter cartridges are designed to operate under pressure. A filter uses gravity to feed water through the media, meaning that the media is packed pretty loosely in the cartridge. Everpure cartridges are designed using highly absorbant carbon filter media arranged in a pleated design to maximize surface area and filtration power. These cartridges can filter hundreds to thousands of gallons of water before a replacement cartridge is needed.

Installing one of these systems can be completed using only a few basic tools without the need for professional help. Once your new system has been fully installed, you can usually go up to a year before needing a replacement cartridge. You should always replace the cartridge after a year of use, but you may notice the flow rate from the filter slowing before that point. If this occurs, you will need to install a new cartridge.

This replacement process is about as complicated as changing a lightbulb. Simply flip the shutoff valves, replace the cartridge, reopen the valves, and run the system for a few minutes to flush any air pockets out of the filter. This quick maintenance process means that, after installation, you should only have to dedicate a few minutes a year to water filtration instead of a few minutes every day with a pitcher filter.

So if you are looking for a better home drinking water filtration option, visit today! Our Everpure water filters are the perfect way for homeowners to enjoy filtered water all year without the need for constant upkeep. If you have any questions about our filter systems, feel free to reach out to a member of our team at 1-866-283-9919 or send an email to

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