Choosing The Best Home Water Purification Systems

Home water filtration has quickly become a popular option. With news about heavy metal and chemical contaminants making their way into our drinking water, having a dedicated filtration system in your home adds an extra level of security when it comes to trusting your drinking water. Choosing the Best Home Water Purification System for your home can be a difficult choice, with dozens if not hundreds of options on the market. If you are looking into these systems, the Everpure line from Pentair should be on your list.

Everpure water filter systems are designed to be both incredibly user friendly and effective at reducing harmful contaminants in your drinking water. These filters mount directly under your sink and can be installed with no experience needed. The standard Everpure filters can remove particulates as small as 0.5 microns in size, making them one of the best home water purification systems for reducing contaminants. These systems are all incredibly simple to maintain, making them a perfect option for homeowners.

Many homes’ solution when it comes to water filtration are clunky water filter pitchers. These filter systems can only handle about 40 gallons of water per filter. Even after this point, the filters will will continue to allow water through. This means that without constant upkeep, you are most likely barely filtering your water. When you add how much room these filters can occupy in your fridge, the case against them seems pretty firm.

Everpure systems are easy to set and forget for months at a time. Once the filter was reached its lifespan, which takes several hundreds to thousands of gallons, the water flow will begin to slowly decrease. This is a sign that you need a new filter. Changing the filters in these systems is as simple as changing a lightbulb. Simply flip the shutoff valves, screw out the old filter, screw in the new one, reopen your valves, and run the system to flush out any air.

The secret to the Everpure line’s effectiveness are their filter cartridges. These sleek metal cartridges are internally lined to prevent metal exposure and contain a bacteriostatic agent to prevent captured bacteria from multiplying within the system. The filter media inside is arranged in a pleated pattern to maximize the surface area that gets exposed. The MicroPure media is a proprietary blend used by Everpure that contains activated carbon, which has an incredibly high surface area/volume ratio. This makes it an ideal material for absorbing chemicals and particulate from water.

Another perk of the Everpure line is that they feature a separate single faucet for dispensing your water. This small dedicated faucet means that you can still use you water for washing and other external functions without using your filter’s lifespan. If you do not wish to add an additional faucet to your counter, Everpure offers options like the PBS400 system that hooks directly to the cold water side of your faucet.

Here at efilters, we are dedicated to helping users find the best home water purification systems for their homes. We have tested countless systems over the years and we believe that the Everpure line is one of the best options of the market. Depending on your home’s water consumption, available space, and filtration needs, we can help you choose and Everpure system that will keep your home supplied with filtered water year round. Our website has plenty of exceptional options that you can install in your home. If you have any questions about our inventory, you can reach a member of our team at 1-866-283-9919.

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