Choosing a Good Water Purifier

Having a dedicated water purifier in your home is a great way to provide peace of mind when your reach for the faucet. Contaminated tap water is nothing new, though recent news stories have started to highlight the impact that old infrastructure and groundwater contamination can have. If you are thinking about adding a filter system to your home, there are a few factors to consider to ensure you are choosing a Good Water Purifier. Once you have considered all the variables, you can install your new purifier system with confidence.


Here at efilters, we highly endorse the Everpure line of water filters from Pentair. Not only do these systems filter water very effectively, but they are also incredibly user friendly. The superior engineering and low maintenance requirements of these filters makes them perfect for homeowners who need a system they can set and forget for months at a time.

The first factor when choosing a water purifier for your home is the mechanism of action. Everpure produces two types of systems, standard filter systems and reverse osmosis systems. A standard filter works through the mechanism most of us associate with filters, water passes through the internal filter media and forgein particles down to 0.5 microns in size are trapped. Reverse osmosis is unique in that water is pushed through a membrane that is essentially an artificial cell wall, filtering out particles as small as 0.00001 microns in size. The RO process takes more time to filter water, so these systems come with a storage tank for purified water to ensure that you always have filtered water ready to use.

Another important factor when choosing a good water purifier is the capacity of the filter cartridges. Everpure manufactures several different models of filter cartridge and each has its own average lifespan in terms of gallons of water per cartridge. From the 300 gallon capacity of the H300 system to the 3000 gallon capacity of the PBS400, Everpure’s cartridges have a wide functional range.

Luckily the system you buy will not pigeonhole you into buying a specific cartridge. The filterheads that come with your Everpure system will be compatible with many different cartridge styles. As long as the cartridge you would like to use fits an Everpure quick change(QC) filter head, you will be able to use it on your existing Everpure QC system.

No matter which system you use, the installation process is simple and requires only a few simple hand tools. The most complex system to install will be the reverse osmosis systems, but this is only because there are a few additional simple steps compared to a standard system. You will also have to add a hole to your countertop to install a dedicated filtered water faucet unless you are using the PBS400 system, which uses your existing faucets cold water side to dispense filtered water.

All of the systems are also extremely simple to maintain. All of Everpure’s cartridges feature a Timestrip filter monitor to make it easy to know when a filter change is coming up. You can also tell when it is time to change your filter by noting the decrease in water flow rate. As your filter approaches the end of its lifespan, the flow will begin to slow significantly. To replace your filter, you simply unscrew it and screw in the new cartridge, just like changing a lightbulb.

Considering all of these factors will ensure you choose a good water purifier system for your home. Here at efilters, we are happy to help our customers find the perfect system to meet their needs. If you are interested in finding a water filtration system, give our team a call at 1-866-283-9919.

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