Choosing a dedicated partner in sleep study billing

Sleep study centers are already under huge stress as OSA is now recognized as co-morbidity in many illnesses. There is increasing need for sleep testing which cannot be met entirely by the sleep lab facilities. Out of center of home sleep testing is a viable alternative to in laboratory studies.  

However, coding and billing for any home studies is not as straight forward as it is for lab studies. Choosing a sleep study billing partner can be a blessing in disguise for many providers.  

However, the partner must know how to work on your sleep study billing mandates by adhering to the latest billing guidelines. It makes the job of a provider a lot easier and helps them attend their patients in the right earnest. Thus, the choice of the ideal vendor to work on your sleep study billing mandates will be critical. 

Advantage with Sunknowledge 

Over the last decade, we have been a front-runner to deliver actionable assistance to the best in the business. We are currently working with more than 100 sleep study centers all across the country and know how to decode proven challenges in your revenue cycle.  

Our team reduces operational expenses by almost 80% and can actually transform your flow of cash. Also, we deliver proactive assistance in eligibility checks, prior authorization, patient scheduling and documentation, claims submission, denial management, AR collections, and payment posting. In fact, at just $7 per hour, we make sure that all your reimbursement worries are managed by our best.  

Looking for more information on what makes us a force to reckon with. We believe in serving you as an operational extension and can actually transform your cash flow. We have unmatched versatility across major software systems and understand what it takes to work on your bottom line like none other. Know more from our experts on how we dive deep and extend superior assistance like none other.