Choose White Mountain Knives for Your Next Benchmade Pocket Knife

Pocket knives are remarkable little tools. It’s amazing what obstacles you can power through with a pocket knife. The obvious obstacles will fold like a house of cards, those little annoyances like breaking open packaging or cutting through tape. But it’s when you need to pry open the hatch on a boat or fish the open end of a swivel back through a split ring that you realize there is no replacement for a good pocket knife. Obviously, you’ll want to select nothing but the best for a tool that will follow you nearly everywhere and be your first lifeline when you need to reach for a tool. Benchmade makes pocket knives that will satisfy your aims. For several reasons to which the knife-carrying community can attest, Benchmade Knife Company carries an absolutely prodigious reputation, one to which very few other knifemakers can lay a similar claim. Renowned among critics and bushcrafters alike, a Benchmade Pocket Knife is a sure-fire way to tackle those errant little tasks that will face you from time to time, domestically or in the field.

Like selecting any tool, selecting a Benchmade pocket knife requires determining intended uses for the blade as well as features that you desire to have with you for comfort, utility, and also ergonomics. That being said, many Benchmade pocket knives will serve you admirably as everyday carry tools.

One of these is the Benchmade Proper Slipjoint Sheepsfoot Blade pocket knife with a G10 handle. This knife is simply cool and carries absolutely awesome versatility. For whatever reason, sheepsfoot blades are not as prevalent as they once were, but a sheepsfoot blade gives you completely incomparable strength near the point; when it comes to carving, whittling, or making very precise shallow incisions where the integrity of the blade at the point is imperative, a sheepsfoot blade has no rivals. While this knife has a slip joint instead of a locking mechanism, that means less to clean and keep oiled and for most light use a lock won’t be missed.

For outdoorsmen, a Benchmade pocket knife like the Benchmade Grizzly Ridge almost can’t be beaten. Whether intended as a compliment to another blade or as the main knife (this is a Benchmade, after all) this knife will bring you through to success. With a slightly curved belly for tasks like skinning and caping and a sturdy drop point for strength during gutting and boning, this knife is tops.

You might also be drawn to a Benchmade pocket knife like the Benchmade 407 Vallation Axis Assisted Opening Pocket Knife. It’s assisted opening feature makes the knife easier to draw with one hand, and its short blade with its drop point and slightly swept belly will meet most utilitarian tasks with ease. Perfect for inclusion in a toolbox or as a utility knife, this blade would be a perfect companion knife.

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