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The primary object of every BI strategy for modern businesses is to make data-driven decisions. Organizations that ignore this strategy cannot make sufficient and reliable business decisions quickly and are in genuine need of data analytics to make important enterprise decisions. However, there is a challenge that resides with all businesses; how can organizations assemble all their different data sources in one central depository to then be utilized by BI tools? Here a Data Warehouse Consulting partner can help you to find the answer.

All data sources, systems and formats in modern endeavors are different, so there is an actual necessity to integrate all data sources at a single place to conduct an appropriate data analytics process. Reading this article will help you find out details about data warehousing, information on its architecture and how you can choose the right data warehouse for your company.

Data Warehouse Consulting Partner

What Is A Data Warehouse?

A data warehouse is a system with a central storehouse to hold integrated data derived from numerous data sources of an organization. The data warehouse supports analytics, reporting, and decision-making by merging all the available data collectively.

Modern Data Warehouse Architecture

Cloud computing has managed to get a standard shift in almost all aspects of IT architecture in recent years. When it comes to data warehouses, there’s been a steady change from enterprises with traditional on-premise systems to cloud-based data warehouse services. Cloud supplies a suitable and economical way to make use of computing services, decreasing the need for expensive investments in hardware. Though in the cloud, the organization that deploys cloud-based services only spends on the service provided and sometimes on the deployment of computing resources.

Data Warehouse Best Practices

Apart from the deployed infrastructure, enterprises from many diverse industries take advantage of its use in data analytics. Further than the wide concept that data warehouses help to sustain business decision-making, here are some particular use cases that include:

  • Evaluating and analyzing logistics and processes and then utilizing these results to improve and optimize business operations.
  • Make better relationships with customers, both potential and current.
  • Track, monitor and improve company performance/productivity.
  • Analyze sales operations and make them more competent.

Tips for Choosing a Right Data Warehouse Consulting Partner

  1. Do not evaluate network latency as a key factor. The speed difference is assumed negligible because a slow server can provide better performance than the other.
  2. Always opt for the one providing cost transparency. Various retailers offer different data warehouse architecture plans at different costs. However, the on-premises may cost you and the cloud system can be a one-time investment for valuable returns.
  3. Does the data warehouse you find suitable fulfill compliance rules? There are certain standards, policies, and regulations implemented by various governing bodies over different industrial products. Make sure your product meets the compliance rules.
  4. Always ensure that the right product should provide a high level of availability. Real-time analytics with the enlarged reliance on data to make decisions can only be possible if the retailer offers a high level of availability.

The data warehouse you opt for should be flexible and provide high scalability. With the growth of the enterprise, the volume of data increases; therefore, data analytics will require more power and the potential to analyze diverse data.


Now you have got some basic details about data warehousing, its modern architecture and what to look for in any data warehouse service. So you can move forward to search or select the product or services from various retailers. Don’t forget to choose a system that fulfills all your business needs to avoid un-necessary computing investments in your company.

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