Choose professionally profiled marketing staff to achieve your Business Objective

Why street advertising in London requires quality staffing from marketing professionals – our guide to getting it right.

Your business marketing plan is crucial to the success of your entire operation. Get it right and you can enjoy the benefits of engaged, loyal customers who value your brand and are keen to buy your products and services. Get it wrong and suddenly you are faced with the loss of market share and the erosion of your brand as competitors rapidly move into your space. So how can you get the most from street advertising in London?

Many businesses invest in street advertising, particularly for the B2C market. This type of advertising can be very beneficial for brands with a local presence or who want to do product giveaways or other types of incentive.

But the success of street advertising lies in its preparation and staffing.

Ways to Ensure Your Investment in Street Advertising in London Pays Off

1. Choose the right location. Look for relevant footfall and your target audience. Areas near a shopping centre or busy high street can be rich with potential, for example, as can spots near busy transport hubs with plenty of passing foot traffic. Check with the local council for any license requirements.
2. Get your materials in place. Decide on the purpose of your advertising and produce relevant materials with the appropriate offer. This may mean producing flyers, promo packaging or incentive cards.
3. Get the right marketing staff in place. The success of your street advertising in London will heavily depend on the staff that you choose. They will need to be professional in appearance, clear about the messages of your brand and ready to engage proactively with your target audience. Most brands will use an agency to ensure that they can hire the right event and advertising staff on a flexible basis.
4. Provide the materials that your staff need. Your marketing staff will need full training on your product, brand, key messages and advertising offer in advance of the day. Make sure they have relevant materials, dress code and everything they need to answer questions. Have an experienced in-house brand representative on hand if necessary, so that your flexible staff can refer onwards any queries that they can’t answer themselves.
5. Measure success. Have some key and measurable objectives so that you can measure the success of your street advertising and assess the ROI of your campaign investment. For example, sign-ups via a promoted app could be used.

Using an Agency for Street Advertising in London

There are clear benefits to using an agency to find the right flexible marketing staff for your street advertising. Agencies will already have secured a book of professional, competent, and experienced street marketing staff who can flex their skills for each occasion. By using an agency, you will also save time and money allowing you to focus on your marketing campaign and its objectives.

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