China Bird Watching Tours: Book Your Calendar for these Trips

The pandemic ravaged everyone’s travel goals, as we know. The tourism industry also suffered but the recovery is on its way. With safety measures in place, China bird watching tours are also back. A new set of birding tours are live now – that means AlpineBirding has started online booking for the trips.

So, what does the birding tour 2021 & 2022 have in its store for enthusiasts? Catching the sight of endemic birds is essentially in the focus, but there is more. The hint of cultural exploration is not left behind. While roaming around different parts of China, travelers can acquaint themselves with diverse ecology and its treasures.

From capturing  Daurian Partridge to  Booted Eagle in your lens to engaging in cultural exchange – a lot of things are waiting to be unveiled in China. If you want a sneak peek of the exciting birding tour, here’s what you should know.

Don’t Miss the Endemic Birds in SE China

Winter in Southeast China is famous for migratory birds. If you are ready to backpack around Yancheng and Poyang Lake for more than two weeks, you can spot Siberian Crane, Red-crowned Crane, and White-naped Crane.

The tour kicks off with urban birding in Shanghai where Yellow-bellied Tit, White-cheeked Starling, and Red-flanked Bluetail are showstoppers. Then the journey covers the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau revolving around green forests and vast wetlands.

Traversing through Yancheng, Wuyuan, Emeifeng Nature Reserve, and Fuzhou Forest Park, the trip ends at Minjiang River Estuary Wetland Nature Reserve. Meanwhile, Pallas’s Warbler, Northern Lapwing, Pied Kingfisher, and Spotted Redshank will keep you company.

  • Duration: 16 days
  • Date: Jan 19 – Feb 3, 2022
  • Tour capacity: 8 travelers

Spot Pheasants, Broadbills, etc. in Hainan Island

Did you know Hainan Island is the second-largest island and southernmost area in China? Mountains, savannas, and mesas surround the area as special island species take shelter here. It is quite a paradise for anyone excited to see Silver Pheasant, Hainan Blue Flycatcher, and Greater Coucal.

You will visit two popular provinces, namely, Guangxi and Guangdong. Nanling National Nature Reserve is the main highlight in the area where Crested Honey-buzzard, Red Junglefowl, and Crested Serpent Eagle are found.

In addition, AlpineBirding’s China bird watching tour takes you to Jianfengling National Forest Park which is the homeland of 215 bird species. So, keep your eyes peeled for Eyebrowed Wren Babbler, Chinese Barbet, and Mountain Imperial Region.

  • Duration: 16 days
  • Date: Nov 15 – 30, 2021
  • Tour capacity: 8

Explore Populus Euphratica Forest

Not in the southeastern or southwestern part of China, but located in Northwest China: Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. But why is Team AlpineBirding taking you there?

Because the place features the Altai Mountains on the north, Tianshan Mountains from west to east, and Kunlun and Altun Mountains on the south!

Since most of the area in Xinjiang turned into deserts, the human population is scant. As a result, the vast territory is home to numerous living resources including 4,000 kinds of plants and 430 species of birds. Popular birdies that require a special mention are  Mongolian Ground Jay, Xinjiang Ground Jay, Chukar Partridge, and Black-bellied Sandgrouse.

  • Duration: 11 days
  • Date: May 22 – Jun, 1 2022
  • Tour capacity: 8 travelers

So, are you excited about birding tours 2021 & 2022? Contact AlpineBirding and get started!

Author bio: Emma Charleston is an avid bird watcher and she loves to discuss birding tours 2021 & 2022. Here, she talks about the best China bird watching tours you can’t miss out on.China Bird Watching Tours: Book Your Calendar for these Trips