China Adventure Tour: Where to Rove and Bike around in Chengdu

Do you have plans to undertake an adventure tour in China anytime soon? Here is what you should be expecting!


Did you know adventure travel is quite good for your health? With dirty clothes and feet, you stay healthy. Outdoor activities strengthen your immune system and prevent a range of heart problems. That’s why the China adventure tour improves your ability to find solutions in uncertain places and builds confidence to solve challenges faster.

So, when you hike the isolated terrain of snow-capped mountains, you can rejoice in the natural beauty and save yourself from a range of problems. Moreover, as an adventure traveler, you can be a part of sustainable travels, unlike luxury travelers. You will receive a rare opportunity to see the effects of climate change and the need for upgrading environmental efforts. In addition, the interactions with Tibetan communities are also a plus because you can witness their culture and lifestyle up and close.

Team AbsolutePanda, based in Chengdu, arranges a beautiful China adventure tour for every nature lover. The tours vary in length and group size; you can connect with like-minded people or rejuvenate your relationship with family and friends. In this write-up, we go over a few significant snippets of the tour.

Roving around Core Shangri-La

Did you know the term ‘Shangri-La’ means extreme beauty according to Tibetan mythology? If you have read Lost Horizon, you might be familiar with the term. AbsolutePanda takes you to Shangri-La so that you can immerse yourself in the splendid beauty of grasslands, lakes, and mountains. Hike in virgin land and photograph different shades of majestic Mt. Genie.

Here are the highlights of the exotic China adventure tour that every hiker cannot miss.

  • Witness the lifestyle of ethnic minority communities such as Hui, Yi, Han, and Tibetan people.
  • Experience the ethereal beauty of nature engulfing the Tibetan villages and monasteries.
  • Spot three breathtaking peaks including Meili Snow Mountains, Mt. MinyaKonka, and Mt. Genie.

Of course, the day tour at the Chengdu Panda Base to see the adorable giant pandas, red pandas, and urban birds takes the adventure level to the next level.

Cycling around Qinghai Lake

Do you love biking? Have you ever paddled a cycle on foreign land? Well, the easiest way to explore Qinghai is through cycling. Go for an adventurous ride on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and delight in the serene beauty of alpine meadows, wilderness, and snowy peaks.

Furthermore, the sheer thrill of exploring the largest inland lake in China is indeed a one-of-a-kind experience. Wild spirits on the plateau such as Wolf, Plateau Pika, and Black-necked Crane will accompany you throughout the journey. Besides, you can learn about husbandry and agricultural production around the lake.

In case you are a professional, Qinghai Lake International Cycling Race welcomes pro cyclists across the world to participate. Of course, amateurs can enjoy the 7-day cycling tour with Team AbsolutePanda.

In Conclusion 

Whether it is China nature travel or adventure tour, Team AbsolutePanda brings you the best experience. It is thrilling, exhilarating, and comfortable at the same time. The professional guides select the exotic places in China by making sure you become a part of an authentic experience. With the lovely locals and amazing wildlife, you can expect yourself to transcend into a different realm.

AbsolutePanda designs the tours in such a way that western travelers get the essence of the east without much hassle. So, take a deep breath in the scenic scenery and discover the core local cultures in the best possible way.


Author bio: Emily Andrews is a travel blogger, and takes a special liking to writing about China nature travel. Here, she talks about the highlights of the China adventure tour that delivers an unforgettable experience.

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