Challenges Faced in Shipping to Canada from US

Focusing on the supply and logistics operations form a vital part of any business. In fact, this function and its smooth operations or lack thereof can make or break a business. Thus, it is imperative to streamline things and ensure shipping to Canada from the US is easier, faster, and smoother. Here, we bring you a few challenges to avoidwhich can make these operations hassle-free.

Pay Attention to Canadian Duties

The first factor that demands your undivided attention is to find out about what to expect in terms of Canadian taxes, handling fees, and duties. It is pertinent to note here that Canada has a quite different and complicated import duty tax when compared with the US. They follow a low de minimis system. As part of this system, any item that is more than $20CAD is priced at a higher tax and import duty. One must also keep in mind expensive postage that gets dearer at a very rapid pace making shipping to Canada quite expensive. Further, express courier charges also need to be added along with surcharges and handling costs.


Another challenge faced by businesses is expensive postage and a time-consuming process which lacks efficiency. Thus, businesses looking forward to shipping US to Canada must factor in this challenge and manage their operations accordingly. In Canada, the second largest country after Russia, Canadians live far apart from each other. Reaching them with the shipping consignments is another challenge that must be handled. Inaccurate tracking and delayed delivery dates can also pose a lot of challenges. Thus, businesses need to take care of all these challenges and ensure that shipments reach their destination on time. It is especially important to ensure everything goes smoothly otherwise the business will face the consequences of dissatisfied customers.

Seeking help from professional shipping service providers or agents can help streamline a lot of things. They know the challenges faced by businesses and how to handle them such as avoiding delays. Look for a reputed shipping service agent and give a boost to your business.

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