Career Opportunities after studying Hospitality & Tourism management

Tourism has become an important sector that offers attractive job opportunities to individuals and contributes significantly to the development of our country’s economy. Hospitality and tourism industry often overlap each other but they are not the same. Tourism deals with attractions, activities, and events. Hospitality is more people centric and focuses on providing people with great experiences. If you are dynamic, have top-notch communication skill and want to break the mould of conventional life and gain valuable skills in the process – then tourism industry will give you every opportunity to shine.

However, if you think that a career in tourism will be like a never-ending vacation, you are wrong. This fast-changing, highly competitive industry requires well-trained hospitality professionals with serious work ethics. Top management colleges in India are offering Tourism Management Courses as the scope of this sector is increasing day by day. Though the recent global pandemic and stringent controls in place have impacted tourism industry, there are still some silver lining that is suggesting that the future will be much brighter. The local travel market has every reason to flourish post the pandemic. Some countries are already opening their borders for tourists with a new set of guidelines.

Benefits of studying tourism management:

If you have good organizational skill and love to explore different places, this is a perfect career option for you. The benefits include:

  1. You will be exposed to global opportunities and can land a job anywhere in the world!
  2. You will obtain different skills that are transferable and can be implemented in multiple sectors.
  3. With constant innovation, you can make an impact to the lives of people.
  4. The world will be literally your oyster where you can enjoy endless growth opportunities and lovable salary hikes. Free passes and invitations to different parties and events are the added perks of this profession.
  5. The profession will allow you to meet different people from various ethnicity and cultural background. There’s hardly any chance of monotony.

Career Options after studying Tourism Management:

As India is rich in culture, heritage, and geographical diversity, you can explore a variety of career opportunities in hotels, attractions, transportation, airlines, destination, cruises, events, tourist services and many other exciting fields with attractive salary packages.

These career options include:

  • Tour Manager:

The responsibilities of a tour manager include planning the entire tour, guiding the travellers thoroughly, handle any form of emergencies that may arise and lastly, ensuring that travellers have a smooth holiday.

  • Travel Agency Manager:

Travel agency managers are responsible for helping clients by making arrangements for hotel accommodations, transportation or car rentals by using their resources. They are also expected to sell holiday packages, travel products and maintain financial records to ensure the budget is not exceeded.

  • Event Manager:

Event managers are hired to organize social, promotional and professional events after interacting with clients and understanding their requirements and expectations. The manager must effectively manage a huge operational, administrative team. He also has to coordinate with marketing team to promote the event and finally ensuring that the rules and regulations related to safety, insurance and legal are followed.

  • Hotel Manager:

Hotel managers are in charge of day-to-day handling of a hotel and its staff. They are accountable for hiring, training and observing the staff, look after operations related to financial management and budgeting, preparing strategies for achieving goals, promoting the hotel and so on.

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