Can you get Free and Instant Valuation of Private Number Plates?

The demand for private number plates is soaring high. Many people wish to know the worth of the personalized number plates as soon as possible. But, can it be availed for free? It has been observed that there is a havoc search for free instant number plate valuations on Google every month.

The results brought by Google are of companies that offer computer generated valuation for free.

Sounds good?

Well, ‘free’ is not error-free. Actually, the computer-generated free valuations provide an approximate figure. The problem with these estimations is that as they are generated by the computer, they are unable to point out the names and the special implication like humans can do.

It means that if a number plate displays ‘P3 TER’, the computer can’t tell that it is the ideal plate for a person named Peter, and can be deserving of a lot of money. The computer calculates the value by using a particular formula dependent on certain things such as the number of characters in the registration plate. As a result, some plates can be hugely under-valued.

Now, talking about the telephonic valuation:

Many dealers claim that they can value the number plate over the telephonic discussion. They make use of a premium rate number which charges approximately £1.00 per minute as a method to fund it.

The central way adopted by them to fund the valuations is by receiving the agreement of the client to sell the private number plate through them on the basis of commission.

Here is the actual trick. In general, the valuation that is given to the clients will be the amount that they will return the client when the number plate will be sold, and not the figure that they have planned to sell the plate for that is the true value of the private number plate. The amount that the private plate will be sold for will be around at least 30% more than the figure returned to the original client. The number plate dealers act as middlemen between the buyers and sellers of the private number plates.

The way to get a sincere valuation for the number plate:

A couple of options are there. First, a person can do the research and do the needful himself/herself. One can achieve an independent valuation from a person without any hidden line-up. One doesn’t have to be a private number plate expert. If he/she does a bit of self-study, and take help of friends who have dealt with personalized plates before, can get you an almost accurate valuation of the plate.

There are many articles on how to find out the valuation of the private number plate yourself on the internet. One can study them and try. The option of getting connected with someone with zero hidden agenda who can provide an independent estimation. The online free valuation is done by someone with an ulterior intention.

The question is: who doesn’t have a hidden agenda and can provide you true valuation?

Social media sites come to great help in this regard. You can join Facebook groups dedicated to the number plate related matters. Ask the group members and get their opinions.

You can join:

• Private Number Plates Facebook Group

• Private/Cherished Number Plates Facebook Group

• Free Number Plate Valuations & Sales

• Private Plate Sales UK

• Private and Cherished Number Plates Wanted/For Sale

Just join these pages and groups, and get the needed help. But, the valuation may not be the exact hit on the bull’s eye as there are people who are not working in a number plate supplying agency and give the estimation based on their experience.

Also, look for classified agencies that do the valuations manually. Experienced professionals with years of experience in the field of number plates conduct the research individually. They are 100% impartial as they are classified sites that follow a business model where the buyers and sellers interact directly. These kinds of agencies don’t act as an intermediary and they don’t sell number plates on the commission basis.

Hence, you can be sure that the valuations provided by them are real. Though they charge a small fee for the service from the customers, that fee is negligible.

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