Can I Design my Private Number Plate?

Creating custom number plates for your new vehicle is fun because every Personalised Number Plates are different. Every private number plate is unique to the owner because it reflects their personality. If you clicked on this blog, you might have wondered how to design a private number plate. Let’s explore the facts behind this.

Why buy a private number plate?

The private number is an ideal way to add a personal touch to the vehicle. Here are a few reasons why adding personalised number plates on vehicles is fun.

Make a good appearance.

Personalised Number Plates are sleek, sophisticated, and highly fashionable. It can be customised with your preferred designs & colours.

Improve durability

When you add 3D & 4D number plates, it lasts for a long time. They don’t fall off or get damaged after pressure washes & in the toughest weather conditions.

Great visibility to letters & numbers

A customised number plate must be easily readable so that vehicle inspectors and other drivers can use the vehicle. A personalised number plate should be more eye-catching and bolder than other plates. Having a bold & bright personalised number plate also improves road safety.

Investment opportunities

Private number plates can sell for hundreds & even for thousands, so there is always eagerness among buyers who will buy your number plate. If you decide to sell it, the chances are higher that you will receive a decent profit. Vehicles having personalised number plates on them have less chance of stealing. 

Can I design a customised number plate?

Yes, you can customise the vehicle number plate per your preferred style. However, the Personalised Number Plates you will design must follow all the rules the UK government sets out. When creating the custom number plate, you might search for the exact combination of numbers and letters. 

However, sometimes, it has already been taken by someone else. In this case, you can find the closest combination or select a different combination. To buy a customised number plate, you can follow the below information:

  • Check the DVLA website & use their research tool to find the personalised registration. Here you can browse the selection of available number plates.
  • Search for the dealer who sells private number plates.
  • You can also attend the DVLA auction to bid for specific number plates.
  • Check car magazines to check if anyone is advertising their plates privately. 

If you buy a number plate from a private seller, ensure they have the right documentation. Check the plate meets the legal requirements set by the regional law. Criminals may forge the related documentation and sell you the illegal number plate. Therefore, you must check whether the number plate is legal to use on the road.

Designing a number plate from the professional dealer

When you reach a trusted dealer, you can get different vehicle options. Here you can find the number plates ranging from 3D plates to standard number plates and gel plates. Every number plates they offer are water-resistant, eye-catching, and durable. Most consumers prefer 3D number plates because they are sleek and offer a 3-dimensional appearance. Give your vehicle an instant contemporary finish. If you are looking for a number plate to abide by all the safety rules, then worry is not required. Are you seeking promotional & decorative number plates? Search for the best online dealers right now!

Can I select a 4D number plate?

Reaching out to a trusted dealer helps you to create an entirely customised as per the requirements. You will get the perfect different finishing compared to regular vehicle number plates. If you would like to design the 4D Personalised Number Plates, then you must follow the below aspects.


Choose the 4D 3, 5mm, or gel letters the high-standard adhesive uses. You can check the online website and visit their product gallery to reach the best one.

Legal & show plate

Choose anyone either from the legal or show plate. Show plates are not legal on the road for daily driving. These are only for promotional ad decorative purposes.

Plate type/Boarder

Select if you require both sets of plates, rear and front, or from only one side. Choose the borderline style if you want. 

Tinted/side badges

Design the tinted look on your plate by selecting this. Select if you want to add style badges to your personalised number plate.

Legal Requirements to Follow for private number plates

Most regions have strict laws about what your number plate should look like on the vehicle. Private number plates must have the V750 certificate or a V778 retention document to prove the legal ownership. This document is necessary for assigning the number plate. Also, you can look for the below conditions:

  • It should be made from a reflective material to improve the road safety
  • The background of the number plate should be white and have bold black characters on the front plate.
  • The rear number plate should be yellow and have bold black letters. 
  • The characters must not be reflective and removable. 

By following the above content, you can clearly understand how to design a customised number plate. Do you want to get more information? If yes, search for trusted personalised number plate dealers online.