Cagayan State University Ranking & Review

The Cagayan State University in Tuguegarao is accredited and recognized by the Commission for Higher Education of the Philippines. It is ranked 108 and 10471 respectively in the national and world rankings. It has CARIG eligibility for Indian students (85 PCBs) in 12th place.

The admission process at the Cagayan State University of Tuguegarao is based on a series of consultations and academic progress. Students are advised to read the above points carefully in order to avoid any kind of rejection. Fill in the application form for the desired institute in the right places.

Side note: The Cagayan State University of Tuguegarao (CARIG) is one of the leading and preferred medical universities. In fact, you can obtain a medical degree (MD, MBBS) from the same university. It is an MCI Medical University and is one of the top 10 medical schools in the Philippines.

The Cagayan State University of Tuguegarao (CSU) in the Philippines is a public university in the Philippines. It is one of the most recognized MBBS universities in the country and is located in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, Philippines. The CSU was founded a year ago, on 11 June 1978. It offers international and local students from all over the country for 6 years.

The Choir and Ensemble of the State University of Cagayan under the direction of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Ms. Aquino has visited Malaysia, Macau, Busan City, South Korea and Rome, among others. They performed all over the country and with the Santo Tomas University Symphony Orchestra.

The university accepts both local and foreign students. Tuition fees are not too high and students can apply for scholarships. The training is carried out by 899 teachers and professors. Students can participate in various exchange programs.

The second year deals with pathology, microbiology, parasitology, pharmacology, preventive medicine, community health, psychiatry II, medical economics and introductory courses on clinical topics. The third year includes didactic lectures on common diseases in clinical practice and interesting rare diseases. Small groups of students begin to meet patients in actual hospitals where they are introduced to history and physical examination.

MBBs are given the opportunity to study abroad and obtain their MBBS degree at a foreign university, regardless of whether they are abroad. Romania, Poland, Germany, Belarus and Georgia are some of the most popular destinations for MBBS in Europe.

If you are a medical student and enrolled, choose the right medical school that is suitable for MBBs in the Philippines. That is only one thing, so get in touch with us to get started.

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