Buying Guide for Fire Alarm: Types, Factors to Consider, and More

Commercial building is the ultimate hub where several people come together. Whether it is for office-related purpose, entertainment or any other work commercial buildings gets the most footfalls. As, the number of footfalls is quite high, it also requires property maintenance and safety checks. Fire hazard is an emergency with the stakes of life or death. To increase safety in such places, it is essential to buy fire alarm parts for sale. But how do you choose the right one? Well, it is easy if you are aware of the different types of fire alarms available and factors to check before the buying them. So, let’s take a look at the same.

What are the Different Types of fire alarms? 

Before shopping, you need to know the different fire alarms that suit your needs. Let’s check the ones that are most in use in current times.  

Beeping alarm 

The most common alarm used everywhere to alert about a fire emergency is a beeping alarm which has a loud sound. The loud noise alerts everyone instantly. Other alarm types listed here also have this function in common, along with other functions like strobe light. 

Strobe light alarm 

This is perfect for people who cannot hear the loud beeping noise. A strobe light alarm usually uses a bright light and set vibrations to alert people about a potential fire incident. It is mostly used for elderly people to alert them quickly.

Voice alarm 

These are generally used in schools, offices, and public places. It uses a pre-recorded voice command to make people aware of the fire and initiate evacuation. Instead of a ringing noise, voice alarm is easier to follow for children enabling them to find safety in an emergency.

What to consider when buying fire alarms?

All fire alarm systems including Notifier DAA2-5025 have the critical role of alerting people in case there is a fire. But still, before randomly investing, it is essential to consider a few factors.


Do you have a budget restriction and still need to buy a fire safety alarm? No worries, you got plenty of options with the latest technologies. Remember, every fire alarm offers the same benefit of alerting in an emergency. So, getting a basic one will also serve the purpose. You can get affordable options or buy refurbished fire alarm parts. 


Every fire safety alarm, whether it is expensive or budget-friendly, needs maintenance. Getting it checked and serviced by a professional regularly helps you avoid any malfunction during an emergency. Checking the alert and beeping function once a month is mandatory.

Wrapping Up! 

Other than these, it is also important to check the fire alarms’ power source, installations, and exact accuracy before buying. Finally, if you want the best fire alarm parts for sale, connect with Fire Alarm Depot and check their inventory for the get the best for your needs.

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