Buy Wooden Coffee Table Designs Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Before

When it comes to high-quality furniture, artisanally crafted hardwood is a staple we can all swear by. Whether it be imperial oak hardwood armoires or flawlessly elegant mahogany desks, the natural beauty and power of true hardwood speaks for itself. So when you’re redesigning a living room, it’s only natural you’d want to Buy Wooden Coffee Table pieces that embody strength and stability for the most central area of the home.

Beyond simply finding the best size and shape for the space that needs filling, a true interior designer knows the value of personality and originality in a furniture piece. This is especially so for something so integral as the coffee table. Nestled in front of the sofa and dictating the flow of traffic through any living room, the coffee table is never an element to be overlooked, whether you’re admiring another’s living room or designing it! Therefore to best move to make when planning out a living room’s new look is to search for truly unique hardwood coffee tables – tables that serve both function and fashion for the sake of the space. And where else is an interior designer to go for unique and high-quality furniture designs than Worlds Away?

For over twenty-five years, Worlds Away has been dedicated to the uncommon, the beautiful, and the breathtaking. Their signature way of blending both Hollywood Regency and Mid-Century styles together in modern and transitional pieces unlike any other has truly set them apart from the crowd and brought them to a higher level of furniture design. That’s not to mention the expert craftsmanship of every World’s Away piece! Every design begins right here in American, dreamt up by the genius design team in Memphis, Tennessee, and then sent out across the globe to be realized by one of Worlds Away’s expert crafting teams. Each piece is born from clever minds and masterful hands, and brought to life through high-quality iron, gold and silver leaf, cerused oakwood, and more! And the end result? Stunning home and office furniture unlike any the world has seen before!

Since every living room has a coffee table, unique and original coffee table designs become center points of conversation whenever they’re first seen. It is the dream of every interior designer and her clients to have the beauty of a unique design choice remarked on, and when you buy wooden coffee table pieces from Worlds Away you are giving yourself the tools to make that dream a reality! Worlds Away’s signature coffee tables crafted from faux shagreen, cerused oak, dark burl wood, and more are at once attractive and impressive. Powerful enough to make a statement and elegant enough to serve as the foundation of expert interior design. And best of all, they are versatile and varied. At Worlds Away you’ll find both high and low coffee tables, coffee tables meant for tight and trendy apartment spaces as well as bold and broad coffee tables ready to bring their commanding presence to an expansive living area. The variety of wood tones, unique shapes, and different design styles make the Worlds Away collection an endless pool of inspiration and possibility. It’s truly a designer’s dream come true!

Find your inspiration today by browsing the full collection at, and don’t forget to peruse their downloadable catalog for further design ideas as well! It’s time to take your designs to the next level and turn your dreams into a reality!

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