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Here at SMAX, we know that our customers have hundreds of options when they are looking to Buy E-Liquid Online. Though many companies are making e-liquids these days, not all e-liquids are created equal. We are dedicated to making sure that every bottle of SMAX offers a vaping experience like no other. Between our premium flavors and our unbelievably thick vapor, once you drip some SMAX in your tank, you’ll never want to go back to another e-liquid brand.

We care deeply about the quality of our flavors, which is why we call our collection the SMAX Bible. When you try one of our six premium flavors, you will know why we put so much faith in them. Before we released our collection, we spent months mixing, testing, remixing, and retesting our e-liquids until we knew we had produced a line of flavors that any vaper would love. Between our six options, you are sure to find at least one flavor that could be your all day vape.

The best selling flavor in the SMAX Bible is Pony On Acid, our irresistible fruity concoction. When we were setting out to create the SMAX flavor line, we drew on all sorts of sources of inspiration. We tried an incredible pink starburst flavored e-liquid and we knew that we needed something similar to it. Between mixing strawberry and other fruit flavors, we kept getting close but not quite there. Finally, we just started toying with the mixture in frustration, and we created something beautiful completely by accident. After combining flavors like berries, pineapple, cream, and lime, we ended up with a perfectly fruity mixture that we couldn’t quite describe. We needed a name for this hard to describe the flavor and we somehow landed on Pony On Acid, which still seems like a goofy choice, but our customers love it and we just can’t help but love it too.

When we decided to start making e-liquids, after we had our flavor profiles figured out, we had to choose what kind of diluents to use. Diluents are the liquids that make up the e-liquid, typically propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Once you decide your ratio of these two liquids, you add a little flavor and maybe some nicotine, and you have yourself an e-liquid.

Here at SMAX, we decided to make our liquids with a max VG formula. Every bottle of e-liquid we produce contains at least 90% vegetable glycerin and 10% or less PG, which we only add to help carry the flavor. The reason we prefer a max VG formula is that VG is a plant based diluent that also provides our e-liquids with a natural sweetness. Vegetable glycerin produces vapor at lower temperatures and the vapor it produces is both thicker and smoother than PG. This makes our e-liquids ideal for cloud chasers and sub-ohm vapers. If you love VG heavy e-liquids or you experience discomfort when vaping PG, SMAX is a perfect option for you.

So next time you are looking to buy e-liquid online, choose SMAX if you’re looking to try the tastiest vapor on the market. Try Pony On Acid, or grab one of our convenient bundle packs. You can try all three of our dessert flavors or our three fruit flavors in their respective bundles, or you can just get the entire SMAX Bible and get the full SMAX experience. No matter what e-liquid you choose, you are sure to be left wondering why it took you so long to find our amazing flavors.

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