Buy Creative Anniversary Gifts from J Devlin Glass Art

Another year, another trip around the sun, another 365 days, another anniversary! Each anniversary means one more year spent with the person you love. A whole year of good times and bad, hardships and milestones, and commitment to each other deserves to be recognized and celebrated with a special gift.

Every couple is different, and your anniversary gift should reflect the unique nature of your relationship! When you Buy Creative Anniversary Gifts from J Devlin Glass Art, you can customize your unique present to express exactly how you feel to the one you love. Customized photo frames, engraved ornaments, trinket boxes full of memories are only a few of the gifts available from J Devlin Glass Art. Read on for our recommendations and advice to personalize your anniversary gifts and make them as special as your relationship.

Tip #1: Frame a Photo or Poem
When you buy creative anniversary gifts, you can’t go wrong with a framed photo! A framed photo tells your partner that that particular photo, and that moment in time, deserves a special place in your home and your heart. J Devlin Glass Art offers an endless variety of beautiful glass photo frames. Our frames are designed to display your photo in beautiful glass frames with an assortment of patterns and designs to choose from.
If you can’t choose just one photo, don’t! Opt for one of our many multi-photo frames, like the J Devlin 172 Series Glass Photo Frames in Vintage and Pale Pink. These hinged photo frames offer two or three slots to display your pictures. Fill the frame with more than one photo, or use one of the slots to display a handwritten note or love poem!
Alternatively, buy one of our many customizable photo frames and have it engraved with the sentiment of your choice. The All Because Two People Fell In Love Personalized Photo Frame is fully customizable and can be engraved with a sweet sentiment as well as your name and anniversary date!

Tip #2: Fill a Decorative Box with Sentimental Trinkets
Give an unforgettable romantic gift by filling one of our many glass boxes with trinkets, memorabilia, and photos for your partner! The Wedding Gift Personalized Keepsake Trinket Box for Bride and Groom is perfect for filling with romantic keepsakes. This decorative box is gorgeous on its own, made from clear iridescent glass with polished beveled sides, and looks even better when it’s filled with relationship momentos! Customize this glass jewelry box with a monogrammed initial and two other lines of engraving, then buy creative anniversary gifts to put inside of it! Add an even more personal touch to this anniversary gift idea with the J Devlin Simple Elegant Stained Glass Photo Box! This glass box measures 8.25” x 6.75” x 3.17” and features an elegant 4” x 6” photo frame on the lid.

Tip #3: Buy A Piece of Art with Meaning
A good anniversary gift should celebrate your relationship through the years, how you’ve grown and changed together. A glass kaleidoscope is a wonderful anniversary gift that represents the ever-changing, always exciting, endlessly colorful nature of your love! J Devlin Glass Arts produces a variety of beautiful glass kaleidoscopes, each one completely unique, just like your relationship. Gift your spouse a glass kaleidoscope, like the J Devlin Black Iridized Two-Wheel Kaleidoscope, the J Devlin Kal 112 Brown with Glass Stone Wheel Kaleidoscope, or the J Devlin Kal 106 Forest Green Two-Wheel Kaleidoscope, along with a handwritten love letter about the life you’ve shared so far and all the good things to come, for an eye-catching and sentimental anniversary gift that they’ll remember for years to come.

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