Build a Good Talent Network with Recruitment Database Software in the UK

Benefits of recruitment database software across the UK: the role of software in talent acquisition; benefits of recruitment database software across the UK.

No doubt you will have heard about the uses of software to help you to manage your talent network, but why is this so important?

Managing Your Candidate Network

Candidate management is the most critical part of building your talent network. Clearly, you will be aiming to build and nurture your relationships with your candidates (and your clients).

How Can Recruitment Database Software Across the UK Help You?

The right software will work to improve your productivity and ensure the whole recruitment process works as best as it can. This should provide you with a simple interface to improve the management of your resources. Of course, you are going to need great processes to build it around in the first place. The software cannot be a panacea for poor practice! It will support whatever you have in place already.


You perhaps already make use of an ATS. This tracking system will monitor candidates’ progression through any recruitment initiative. This is often a key part of any compliance.

The best software for talent management, however, is for both people actively seeking work and those currently passive in the marketplace – for those not yet actively on the recruitment market. You need to be looking for something that helps you to find potential candidates and build strong partnerships

The software, therefore, can be both a candidate tool and so much more. It can support you as one central resource to find, develop and nurture both active and passive contacts and provide you with a strong base to build from.

Do You Need Recruitment Database Software?

Do you think you might need such software? Here’s our take on when you might need such support:

•       You or your company have talent acquisition as a major activity, either as a recruitment business or as a member of a team carrying out substantial in-house resourcing.
•       You are manually looking for, mapping and searching for key talent.
•       You are constantly marketing for multiple roles, which makes it complex.
•       Some of your vacancies are hard to fill.
•       You intuitively know that your processes are clunky and can be better.
•       You’re not sure you have any real intelligence on the candidates and names in your current database.

We suggest that your first priority, as you will know, is a strongly experienced and capable recruiting team with strong processes in place they are working to and compliant with. This team will understand their market in depth and have a strong brand to present to any potential applicants.

The best software, however, can layer on greater depth of insight and management to that database and help to increase your levels of success. It can help you to find the right people at the right time and both shorten the time from inception to hiring and increase the success of the recruitment process.

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