Reason Why Sunknowledge is far Better Than Brightree Billing Services

Sunknowledge Service Inc and Brightree billing service are both medical billing solution. Now the question comes why Sunknowledge over Brightree billing service?

Revenue collection is the far most important factor in any organization, this is why Sunknowledge service Inc ensures 80% operational cost reduction and it is even 70% cheaper than Brightree billing services.  Sunknowledge also excels in working on various industries standard and billing software such as PrimeRx, Futura, Brightree Kareo, OPIE, Team DME and many more which is rare in the medical billing industries with the advantage for the clients; to continue their billing process with us without changing their software.

Sunknowledge is also one of the practice management/RCM that offers both pre and post billing activities along with free credential services for all HME, radiology, orthotics, and prosthetics and other specialties too.

Offering a standalone/end to end pre-billing and Post-billing services only at $7 per hour we cover:

  • Order entry
  • Eligibility verification and authorization
  • Doctor office follow-up
  • Order confirmation
  • Scheduling of delivery

Billing and collection:

  • Claims creation
  • Claims submission and rejection
  • Cash posting
  • A/R follow-up
  • Rejection and denial management

With us you won’t have to worry about maintaining infrastructure or updating yourselves with different billing software and its rules and regulation, our excellent resources are always up to date with it. In fact, we also have a track record of 99.9% accuracy rate in all the billing and coding process along with the highest productive metric in the RCM world.

Charging only 2.75% of the account receivable collection along with 97% highest collection rate and 30% shrink in your account receivable bucket is a rare combination of benefits to find that is offered by any revenue Cycle organization.

Our services have not only earned us more than 100 clients in our list but have also gained excellent industries reference for our effective and faster medical billing solution. So to make your medical billing process painless and better than Brightree billing service, along with complete operational transparency and robust reporting, call Sunknowledge experts over a ‘no commitment call’.