Boost your career in Analytics with Machine Learning

A career in Analytics seems very lucrative in India right now given the digital transformation of the country and its government’s constabt promotion of digital technologies. India is also home to a booming analytics industry which was estimated to generate 2.71 billion USD in revenues in 2018 with 100% adoption rates in Telecom, M&E, e-commerce and finance sectors. However, making it big in the domain of data analytics and data science requires specific skills. Recently Machine Learning has emerged as one of the most useful skills for data analysts as it not only offers to automate complicated tasks but also empowers users to discover insights which were often overlooked. Thus, gaining proficiency in Machine Learning can be instrumental in seeking growth in your analytics career.

Career in data analytics

Benefits of ML in Data Analytics

Machine Learning enables systems to learn from data, identify patterns, take automatic decisions and perform tasks on the basis of all that without being specifically programmed for such tasks. Application of ML techniques in data analytics makes the task of analysts a lot easier because it lets them automate key processes and speed up the whole work of data discovey. ML models are exposed to new data sets, they are able to adapt to the change automatically. Such efficiency is key to success for performing complicated tasks.

For instance, it has been observed that ML implemented Computer Aided Detection software can spot 52% of breast cancer cells almost a year before patients are diagnosed!

Some other amazing applications of ML include:

  • Recommendation engines used by Netflix, Amazon and Zomato.
  • Virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri and Google’s Allo.
  • Chatbots like SBI’s SIA offering online customer support.
  • Fraud detection models used by companies like Paypal

Such applications have increased revenue, saved resources and boosted performance of the companies. And this is why Machine Learning is so popular among data professionals.

Opportunities with Machine Learning in India

An increase in the number of individuals taking Machine Learning course in Bangalore and other Indian cities indicates the increasing popularity of ML in India. Acquiring proficiency in Machine Learning is especially beneficial in India because there is a constant demand for machine learning experts in India. As of August 2019 LinkedIn lists over 6000 openings in India for data professionals with ML skills and Naukri lists 926 positions for exclusively for individuals trained in ML. Also, a variety of job roles like data scientist, Machine Learning Engineer and Full Stack Developer are offered to individuals trained in ML in India. Moreover, Indian cities like Bangalore are increasingly becoming analytics hubs with investments from around the world. Thus, get enrolled in a Machine Learning course in Bangalore to grab such great opportunities.