Bold, Powerful, Feminine: What It Means to Wear AS by DF Clothing

Among the elegant curves and soft glamour of luxury brands like Prada, Chanel, and Dolce and Gabbana, there’s a very clear style motif. While every brand makes its own original, signature designs, there are still shared elements of a soft grace and beauty carried across the labels. But what does that mean for ladies of a bolder nature? High class women who want a little more edge to their sophisticated look? When we think of leather bound danger and sultry power packed into a bold and mature form, there’s only one name that comes to mind:AS by DF clothing.

Truly the reigning queen of Italian leather, AS by DF crafts the best leather jackets you will ever wear. Their premium quality work and superior designs are so captivating that leather enthusiast around the world swear by the brand, and would never again wear a leather jacket that didn’t bear the AS by DF label. Yet the wealth of bold style and luxurious edge doesn’t end at the waist for AS by DF. Step into any Southern Muse boutique and you’ll see for yourself just how varied and captivating a full AS by DF clothing collection can be.

It doesn’t matter whether your preferred wardrobe is a full leather, black on black style or a mix of soft and sophisticated blouses and pants to be accented by a stunning leather jacket – AS by DF has it all. Right now at Southern Muse you can create an entire outfit for the office or your next night on the town using the bold and beautiful AS by DF collection alone. Layer stunning silk blouses under fitted jackets for a no-nonsense fashion that shows the world exactly who’s boss. Or don a pair of gorgeous leather leggings to channel powerful feminine energy that can’t be stopped. Become a breathtaking force of nature as you set out to change the world, and look damn good doing it!

It’s no secret that leather goes with just about anything, and it’s why the AS by DF collection at your local Southern Muse boutique includes silks, handknit jerseys, velvets and more alongside masterfully crafted leather and suede. For the hard working office woman, stunning tops like the AS by DF Work It Blouse are an absolute must have. This sleek long sleeve silk blouse features narrow dark pinstriping, creating a slimming and sophisticated style that is perfect for tucking into leather pants or skirts, of which there are certainly no shortage.

Especially daring women may even be so bold as to wear the gorgeous Krista Leather Dress available now at Southern Muse. The gentle scooped curves of this leather and polyester minidress look flattering on all body types, while the leather stripes across the dress’s entire front and sleeves add a crucial element of texture that stands out from any dress you’ve ever worn before. It’s bold, it’s flirty, and most importantly it’s powerful – the only image this look gives off is one of a woman who gets what she wants, when she wants it. And that’s exactly what you deserve.

After all, what you wear is first and foremost for yourself. You want to look good, feel good, and feel like yourself in any outfit, whether you’re directing a board meeting or spending a night out on the town. It’s why you shop at Southern Muse, where you can find all the latest from the brands you love, including AS by DF clothing. Southern Muse is the best high fashion boutique in Collierville, Tennessee, with over 4,000 square feet of store dedicated to high fashion, home décor, and premium quality gifts. With exclusive brands, signature styles, and unique finds filling the shelves, you’ll always find the perfect piece that shows the world just who you are.

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