Block drains Hounslow Reasons of blockage

There is no way that anyone will say they feel ok if their home drains get a block. As it is a very bad and nasty experience. It not only affects the health of you and your family but also become the reason of your house destruction. But it is the situation that everyone single person faces once in their life. It is a time when a situation gets out of your hand and you need to hire  Block drains Hounslow specialist.

The drain blockage happens due to several reasons. Many don’t have an idea about those reasons. When their drains get blocked, they get confused about why this happens? As they are taking all the measures that cause drain blockage. So, down below the reasons for drain blockage will be discussed in detail.

  Blockage cause of hairs
Block drains Hounslow The main and most common reason for block drains in your bathrooms are hairs. It doesn’t matter how careful you stay, there are some hairs that went inside the drain. They didn’t cause the blockage instantly. But start showing some signs after some time. Like the water went in the drain slowly. Which causes a small puddle inside the washroom for a while. Even after cleaning the drain you are facing the same issue; it is necessary you look for block drain near me experts. As the clog must be deep down in the drain and it is not possible for you to remove it.

Blockage cause of leaves and dirt
Block drains Hounslow

Not only the drain that is inside the house gets blocked. Even the outside drains get a block. The reason for their blockage is leaves and dirt. As the leaves fell from the trees often. People didn’t clean them on a regular basis. Also, the drain hole is not covered, so the dust and leaves went inside the drain and get stuck. It became the reason for the blockage.


Blockage cause of grease
Block drains Hounslow

As in the bathroom, the most common reason for blockage is hairs, in kitchen grease is the main reason for blocking pipes. We cook food in oil and many other things that have fat. When we wash the dishes, they went inside the pipe and start piling up. The effects are also visible here like slow drainage. So, if you take action on-time you will spend less time and the professional will fix it in less time. Otherwise, both charges and time will increase.


Blockage cause of toilet products
Block drains Hounslow
There are some people who after using toilet products like tissue and nappy wipes of children, dispose of them in a toilet. It is the biggest reason for the blockage. As, these are the things that absorb water and expand, also collect other material in them which cause blockage later.


Blockage due to a broken pipe
Block drains Hounslow


There are many reasons that damage the pipe. Like old pipes or something cause damage to them and they start to leak. It also causes blockage as they didn’t stay in shape they suppose to be. It is also not possible for you to notice this issue. As it only clear when it became visible to a person.


Rain or storms cause blockage

Drains are designed to take a specific load at a time. If it increases, they didn’t perform the task the way they suppose to be. In the season of heavy rains, most of the time the drains outside at your home get blocked. It also affects the drain inside your house. As the main drains get full, the water has no place left to go and the drains inside your house start filling up.

Blockage because of bad plumbing

The blockage also occurs because of bad plumbing. It is the worst of all. Because the process to get make this issue right is very long and expensive. If you plan to fix it on your own, you are just wasting your time.

Blockage cause of the poor flow of water

There are times when the water that is coming in the pipes are not in normal flow. It happens only because of 2 reasons. The water pressure is low or there is a blockage in the pipe. As the water has minerals in it, they stick on the surface of the pipe and cause a blockage.

The blocked drains solution is sometimes simple that a person able to solve it on their own, but most of the time you have to hire experts.