Best Home Water Treatment Systems

A lot can happen to your water between treatment and your faucet. Faulty wells, aging municipal infrastructure, and old pipes leaching heavy metals can all contaminate our drinking water. Homeowners may choose to use a filtered water pitcher to provide some extra purification for their drinking water. Other homeowners will choose to install a dedicated filtration system. Finding the Best Home Water Treatment System is no small task. Today we will be looking at the pros and cons of a few different types of filter systems.

One of the most common home filtration options in the filtered water pitcher, but they are far from the best home water treatment system. These systems are cheap, readily available, and require no complicated installation. Sounds perfect, right? Well, there are two sides to every coin. These systems require daily refilling and the filters have an average capacity of only 40 gallons. This means that you will have to replace the filter monthly. Because the filters are gravity fed, the media inside of them is fairly loose. This leads to underwhelming filtration and filters that will allow water to pass through long after their intended expiration date. Most of these filters can trap particles as small as 50 microns in size, which is close to the thickness of human hair. As far as filters go, this is less effective than a paper coffee filter. It’s also worth considering the fact that these pitchers can take up a lot of room in your refrigerator.

Another popular style of home water treatment is the under sink filter. These systems, as their name implies, are installed directly under your sink and dispense filtered water via a small dedicated faucet. These filters operate under slight pressure, allowing them to perform extremely fine filtration. Most standard systems can filter out particles as small as 0.5 microns in size. In addition to offering incredible filtration power, these filters also feature a long lifespan. Most under sink cartridges can filter hundreds to thousands of gallons before needing a replacement. This means that you should expect your system to only need maintenance once or twice a year.

The last popular style of home water treatment system is the reverse osmosis filtration system. These filters also install under the sink but offer incredible filtration power by using a semi-permeable filter membrane. These membranes mimic the action of water crossing cell walls in biological systems. While fragile, the membranes can remove particles as small as 0.0001 microns in size. This makes them one of the best home water treatment systems available in terms of water quality. Because the membranes are so sensitive, prefiltration is often required to remove chlorine and large particulate that could damage the membrane. These systems also have a slightly slower rate of filtration, so most home systems come with a storage tank to ensure that you will always have a few gallons of filtered water available.

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