The Best Guide to Know about your Private Number Plates in 2023

The private number plates are a great combination of numbers and letters that replace the standard-issued vehicle registration number. You can customise your number plate to spell out a word, name, phrase, or a combination of characters that keeps a personal significance to the vehicle owner. If you want a personalised number plate, this post will provide the best guidance to choose the right one for your vehicle.

How to receive a personalised or private number plate?

After knowing about the purpose of these private number plates, you must look at how to receive them. A vehicle owner has several ways to get a private number plate in the UK, but make sure your service provider is following all the guidelines for vehicles in the UK. So, let’s proceed to receive these number plates.

  • Get the number plate from a dealer

When looking for the best number plate for your private use, you can find many dealers for private number plates in the UK who sell these number plates directly to their potential customers. You must visit these dealers’ official websites to see many available number plates. Also, you can visit their offices in person for a brief knowledge about their work process and different collection collections of number plates.

  • Purchase at auction

Purchasing personalised number plates at auction is one of the great ways to find interesting and fun number plates based on your choice. Many number plates are sold at auction, where you can bid on the most attractive ones. Buying at auction is a great way to find rare number plates you may not find in other sellers. It may cost you more than any simple number plate as it is unavailable in other places.

  • Generate a personalised number plate

Many private number plates may meet your needs, but vehicle owners sometimes have specific needs for their cars. If you cannot find a number plate that suits your personality and vehicle, you can create a customised number plate. The DVLA or Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency provides a better service where you can select the numbers and letters for your vehicle’s number plate based on your need. They follow all the guidelines in the UK to meet all your personalised needs.

  • Transfer an existing number plate

Sometimes vehicle owners get bored with the old vehicles that do not make them stand out in the crowd. Hence, they look for a new car that better suits their personality. When you want to buy a new car and already have your old private number plate, you can transfer it to the new vehicle. However, you may need to pay the DVLA a fee by filling out some appropriate forms.

What are the guidelines for private number plates?

Buying a new private number plate in the UK may require you to follow some specific rules and regulations that are pointed out below.

  • Usually, you cannot make your vehicle look younger than it is. It means a vehicle owner cannot use the private number plates on their car that is older than the number plate’s registration years. For instance, you cannot go for a number plate written as 96 on your car as it was registered in 2020.
  • If you want to sell or transfer your personalised number plate, then it is compulsory to notify the DVLA. This ensures that all the necessary documents are given to DVLA, and it’s now legal to sell or transfer your number plate. 
  • You cannot use obscene or offensive words on your private number plates as it is subjected to standard issue plates. The DVLA has issued some banned combinations of lists that a vehicle owner cannot choose to use on their number plate.
  • You must display your number plate in the correct format, with the correct spacing and size of numbers and letters. If you are not following the rules, then it may cause you to pay a fine.

What are the advantages of choosing private number plates?

Owning a private number plate has many benefits for vehicle owners.

  • Investment

It is a great investment opportunity as sought-after and rate number plates can increase in value over time.

  • Individuality

Express your individuality on the road with private number plates.

  • Branding

You can use number plates as a branding tool that helps promote your business on the road.

  • Memorability

It can be the best way to commemorate a special event like an anniversary or wedding.


The private number plates are a personal and unique way to express individuality and customise a vehicle. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying or selling your number plate; it is crucial to follow the rules and regulations set by DVLA in the UK to avoid some legal issues.