Best Bridesmaid Dress Colors for 2021 And Gold Bridesmaid Dres

Being a bridesmaid is a big privilege. Your cousin, sister, or friend is getting married and she has chosen you to be there on her wedding day. This is a big deal indeed, and you must look beautiful. But that’s only possible if you find the perfect bridesmaid’s dress.

Gold Bridesmaid Dresses is one of the best options. Why? There are so many colors, yet gold stands out for its metallic shade and has become a trend in 2021.

However, the brides face a challenging time when it comes to making their girl’s squad look gorgeous. Remember that choosing a dress for a beach wedding and a reception wedding is not the same thing.

When finding the best dress for your bridesmaids the first thing you should consider is the color. Here are some of the trending color trends in 2021 that you can’t ignore.


Want to make your squad look good in photos? Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses are a good option, as it creates really good contrast and makes the wedding atmosphere look much more elegant. It is also a good choice for both morning ceremonies and evening parties.

Nostalgia Rose

Apart from golden, this is one of the most requested colors by the bridesmaids. This dark, pale, and sober pink looks stunning and chic while complementing all skin tones. Being a soft tone, it also gives the romantic and soft touch that your wedding needs.


Floral dresses never seem to go out of trend for bridesmaids, especially if the wedding is held in summer or spring. Multicolor and Bohemian prints with reliefs in flowers are also a perfect choice for beach weddings. You can easily accessorize this kind of dress with minimal bohemian or silver jewelry.

Different shades of blue

This color is very calming to the eyes and it helps to create a formal yet relaxed vibe at the wedding. Blue and its different shades go with every season, and therefore this color always manages to stay in trend for bridesmaid dresses.

Lilac and Lavender

It’s not similar to violet. The combination of these two colors gives more than that. Lavender gives a warm touch while lilac adds a fresh look. If you mix these two colors together, the contract will give you a fun appearance.

Pastel tones

Owing to the expensive tonality, pastels are always a good option for weddings. Pastel helps to maintain the formal tone, and at the same time looks elegant and beautiful. There is no limit to experimenting with color, as each bridesmaid can go for a different color following the mismatched trend.

Gold is surely a timeless color option for bridesmaid dresses and it suits most skin colors. It adds an instant touch of glam to your girl’s squad. However, if you want to experiment a little more and want to choose a different color that compliments your wedding theme, this list of trending colors will help you make a better-informed decision.

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