If you are running a large business and need an additional security system other than just having cameras, you can choose the option to hire security guards. If your business has security threats, or your office is facing some security issues. Most people think that armed security guards are better than unarmed ones because they carry weapons. But it might surprise you that unarmed security guards make more sense. if you are thinking to hire a budget-friendly security option and not so sure what to choose, then you should hire unarmed security guards Los Angeles. There are many reasons and benefits of hiring them. 

Hiring armed security can be beneficial in many ways if done with extreme caution. There are some questions before choosing armed or unarmed security guards:

  • Is potentially deadly force really needed?
  • What is the likelihood of needing to apprehend armed and dangerous subjects?

Benefits of choosing unarmed security guards

If you need no weapons then unarmed security guards are the best option. Here are some benefits that why unarmed security guards are better ones. These benefits of hiring unarmed security guards will help you in choosing the better option:

Low-Security Threat

If you are having no security risks or low-security risks in your business, you can be benefited from simply unarmed guards. The question is how would you know that you are having low-security risks or more? These are the situations that whether you are having low-security risks or not.

  • Traffic control
  • Entry access
  • General surveillance 
  • Retail loss prevention
  • Corporate security settings

For these situations, the unarmed security guard will fulfil your needs.

Tight Budget

Hiring unarmed security guards does not require much budget. They can provide you with equivalent protection on a low budget. It can save you more money than hiring an armed security option. It might be due to several additional services which they can provide such as trained, licensed and insured security. 

Security guard service charges range from lower to a little bit higher budget, but they will not exceed your budget. The unarmed security guards are as trained as armed security guards. The only difference among them is a weapon. The armed security guards have weapons for your safety and the unarmed ones have no weapons. But the professional unarmed security guards Los Angeles will help you in your protection from any kind of security risks. 

unarmed security guards Los Angeles

Minimize liability

If your business is dealing with any lethal force, then you should not hire armed security. You can avoid armed security and hire an unarmed security guard for your business to minimize liability to lethal force. When you hire an armed security guard, there are risks of having someone injured or killed at the building. In this case, you will be responsible for the victim and will be held liable. It can be harmful to you, your mental health and your business reputation. 

That’s why you should avoid armed security at your business. You can hire unarmed security guards Los Angeles for protection purposes.  

Gun-Sensitive Environment

You hire a security guard for your security but you don’t know that it might be dangerous to hire armed security. The presence of weapons can be tension causing situations for someone. Anyone visiting your office can feel uncomfortable by seeing weapons on the door. 

It is obvious that armed security is a better security option, but only the sight of a gun or weapon can be upsetting for someone. You should avoid armed security guards at places where such cases are expected.

Equally effective

Some people might think that armed security with weapons is more effective than unarmed security. But it is the wrong perception as unarmed security is as much effective as armed security is. The thieves will only see that there is a security guard present at your door or not, whether it is armed or unarmed. They will equally protect you from crimes. So, if you are interested in low-security risk protection, then you should hire unarmed security guards for your office. 

Sense of security is the concern

Whether your business is small or large, there is a risk of crimes and theft at every office. The presence of a security guard can ensure you feel relaxed and can provide you with the peace of mind that you may want to have. This is the best option for the security of your business, customers and employees. Employees will work more productively knowing that they are at no risk and are safe. It will also impress your customers that you are concerned with everyone’s security. The presence of an unarmed security guard will deter the risk of crimes and security threats.

If you are interested in hiring unarmed security guards Los Angeles, then you can go to the website of UGS Security for professional guards at your office. 

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