Beat That Speeding Ticket – Tips For Getting Out of Speeding Ticket

Seeing red and blue lights in your rear view mirror is a surefire way to ruin your day.  If this has recently happened to you, know that there is hope of speeding ticket lawyer mineola.  In order to successfully get your ticket dismissed, you must show respect to everyone involved in the process.  Put the following tips to get out of your speeding ticket to use and see how far it gets you.

  • Be polite to the officer.   When you are pulled over, the officer is probably just as anxious about the situation as you are.  Until the officer approaches the vehicle, he has never met you before. So he doesn’t know if you present a danger to him or not.  Even if you were not speeding and you know in your heart that the officer is mistaken, you must treat the officer with respect.  The police officer will definitely remember you when it comes time for your court appearance if you treated him like a jerk at the time of your traffic stop.
  • When the officer asks you if you know why they pulled you over, tell them that you do not.  If you tell the officer “I was speeding”, you just admitted your guilt.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the officer for a warning.  Before he leaves to go back to his cruiser, apologize sincerely and ask if he could just give you a warning ticket.  It never hurts to ask.
  • Take the time to write down a detailed account of the incident.  Immediately after you leave the police officer, pull over in a parking lot and write down detailed notes of what transpired.  Write down road conditions, vehicles that were around you, time of day, etc.  The key detail to prove your innocence may be overlooked if you wait till later to write it down.
  • You may consider hiring a lawyer.  You may consider hiring an attorney to fight the speeding ticket for you.  If time is a factor, this may be a preferred alternative even though it costs more.  You will also get the added benefit of the attorney’s experience and legal training.
  • Try to delay your court date as long as possible.  If the officer does not show at your court appearance, your case will be dismissed.  Pay attention to when the officer pulled you over.  Was it early in the morning?  If so, they may work nights, and if you can get a noon court time, they may not show.
  • When you are arrive at the courthouse, ask the officer if they can dismiss the ticket.   Many times the officer will just dismiss the ticket to save the court time.
  • Dress nice for your court appearance.   Show the respect that our court system deserves and dress professionally or in business casual.  No shorts, tube-tops, bathing suits, or flip flops.
  • Be respectful in the court.   Answer any questions the judge may ask with “yes your honor” or “no your honor”.  Showing respect and a little humility can go a long way.  Keep your cool and don’t become argumentative in the courtroom.  Present your case in a calm and dignified manner.
  • Be on time for your court date.   It is imperative that you show up on time.  If you show up late to your court date, your case will be automatically dismissed.
  • Take a defensive driving course.   Most states will let you take defensive driving in order to get your speeding ticket dismissed.  As an alternative to paying the fine, most states allow you to take defensive driving once per year in order to get a ticket dismissed.  Even though defensive driving will cost some money, it will be cheaper in the long run because you will not have to deal with higher insurance costs.

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