Avail Best And Quick Service Of Mobile Screen Repair

Well known for its advanced fixing techniques, Fixsquad is a one-stop solution for all types of Smartphone and Tablet issues.

With the idea of making Smartphone repair a hassle-free process, Fixsquad takes care of all problems such as a damaged iPhone screen, missing parts, and n number of technical issues keeping customer satisfaction and ease as a priority.

Because of its smart art of fixing all your smartphone issues under one roof, Covering devices from all the brands at the most reasonable rates and providing the best quality, that too within 24hrs, Fixsquad is popularly known as #YourGadgetExpert.


You break, we collect, we Fix.

We totally understand that smartphones and laptops are a vital part of everyone’s life.

From Students to businessmen, they are a problem solver for everyone.

Thousands of business deals are cracked each day just because smartphones and tablets have made connections super easy.

From assignment completion to notes, smartphones and tabs have got everything on a student’s fingertips.

We understand that life takes a pause without smartphones and that’s why we are here at your service.

Reliability is the major hurdle that comes in handy, mobile owners are not ready to hand over their phone to just any other person, data protection is the more visible of the signs, following this comes the integrity and the credibility of the person who is fixing the phone. There are many repairing shops that offer quick repairs but again they are not credible enough. Last but not least people might be too lazy to get their phones repaired. Well, ironically we are in a world where things are either left on their own to fix or we wait for miracles to happen. Ensuring better quality, quick services, and guaranteed parts, we make sure that every fix is a better fix.

We aim at providing a hassle-free service, totally different from the crowd and that’s the reason why we reach you rather than asking you to reach us. Our process is simple, just book your repair online and wait for the pick up direct from your place.

The highly trained team of experts ensure devices are well handled and what is more, Fixsquad does not charge any fee for diagnosis.

Apart from diagnosing and repairing gadgets, We also repair other gadgets likes Laptop Repair, Desktop Repair, Gaming Console, Printer Repair, Tablet Repair etc.,

Fixsquad is a one-stop tech hub that uses technologically advanced tools to diagnose and repair phones and computers, located at Sheik Zayed Road, Saeed Tower 2.

Fixsquad replaces cracked and broken screens at customer friendly prices. You must have also gone through a frustrating time when the charging system to your phone stopped working. Though these gadgets form an important aspect of our lives, the harsh reality is that they were never meant to last forever. Various elements in nature force them to undergo wear and tear which results in either permanent or temporary breakdown.

In this generation, when life is highly dependent on connectivity and constant communication, a device with technical hitches could further plunge the owner in ugly inconveniences.

Fixsquad is equipped with the latest equipment and tools that help in diagnostics and repair of gadgets of all makes and brands.

We are keen on ensuring our clients’ devices safety; we do this by providing special packaging to carry phones whenever pickup services are sought after. Thus If you are looking for the best and quick service for your Mobile Screen – Just reach out to us and we will do the rest for you!