What advantage you can get by installing autowatch ghost immobiliser

The autowatch ghost immobiliser is the latest security system for vehicle security that no one can steal. With the help of this technology, stay away thief from your precious vehicles. You can easily protect your car from key theft, cloning, and even hacking. The thief will not drive your dare car.

How does the technology work?

The product has no key fobs or even lead indication and no one can give away from its location. Different kinds of buttons are used inside your vehicles like door panels and steering. A unique and changeable pin code is entered before driving. Without providing that pin code, your engine will not start your car.

 Stop thieves:

With the help of advance technology, thieves have all know-how about the old system. They hack the port and open your car for driving. Now, it’s a time to stop them by installing this latest ghost immobiliser product. It’s not simple for a thief to open this code for stealing your vehicle.

What are the characteristics:

  • Safe installation with no wire
  • Immobilisation is installed through communication
  • Diagnose is undetectable
  • No standard model of theft
  • Ther is no frequency for radio signals
  • No extra fobs
  • Unique user pin code
  • A unique emergency pin code can add in case of forgotten pin

Why it is best than other security systems?

Such a security system means a thief will not able to steal your car through any method. Even they are not lucky to swap the ECU. With overriding code, ignition will never start. With the latest knowledge of technology, thieves cannot approach this system to theft.

No need to carry extra equipment:

After installing the ghost immobiliser, you do not need to keep with you any extra kit or key with you. To start your vehicle, you need to put pin code on your buttons that have installed. All the buttons can install in steering, door panel, or center console. You need the exact right sequence to start your vehicle.

Completely reversible:

All installation procedure is non-invasive and reversible. You have to get general experience in installing this product. The product has a complete warranty and even you can transfer into your new car. Easy installation with a secure system to break for thieves.

Model and vehicles that are suitable for this product:

Generally, all road vehicles that have the manufacturing of 2004 are suitable for this system.  The implementation of CAN bus system means the ghost system will be practically installed in any place of your car. Several buttons use in the vehicle that is opened on the entering of pin code. The sequence of pin code should be right for starting your car.

Service mode:

A question arises among many people that what will happen if someone wants to drive your car? You don’t want to give them your pin. So, the solution is here, there is a service mode in this system. Through this system, you can disable the autowatch ghost immobiliser temporarily. The service mode is ideal for those situations when you want to send your car in the garage. Even in valet parking, they can start your car without any issue.

Difference between Gearbox and engine lock:

Engine lock will stop the engine to start and run. The device locks the engine effectively.

Gearbox lock will allow starting the engine but the gearbox will not work through this device. So, both the lock system is secure and effective for each other.

  • Difference between Ghost 1 and 2:

There is no much difference. But ghost 1 has obsolete and is not available. Therefore, Ghost 2 is a device that is equipped with advance technology.

  • Why Gearbox cannot lock with a vehicle?

All vehicles don’t support gearbox. If you have mechanical gear, the engine lock is the last option. Because the device cannot overrule a mechanical link. Moreover, if you have electrical gear, the gearbox lock method can apply for such vehicles.

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