Are You Neglecting Your Car Tyre Size While Replacing Tyres

The tyres are the mode of contact between your vehicle and the road irrespective of whichever vehicle you drive and whatever safety accessories you have. Nothing can ensure safety if your damaged, overinflated, wrong size or under-inflated tyres fail. The safety of tyres Milton Keynes is very crucial. When it is a matter of preventing any incident occurrence, a remarkable difference can be observed.

It Would Be Foolish to Mix Tyres

You must think about this scenario. You had recently got new tyres added to your vehicle and due to some potholes or debris on the road, your tyres got damaged. Hence, it’s obvious that you will think of replacing them. At the same time, you also want to have cheaper tyres that resemble the other Tyres Milton Keynes in your car.

But, this is not the case in reality. It differs a bit in size and the rests all look the same. Moreover, you save some money too. So, where does the problem lie? Why is it not wise to mix tyres? This article will give you a clear idea.

You Are Making a Blunder if You Use Mismatched Tyres

It is strictly recommended by the tyre experts that four of the tyres of your car should be the same irrespective of which brand you use. The term same indicates the same pattern of tread, a correct size that fits your car, the same age and the same size. This is not because they are tempted to sell more tyres or make more money but these are far more crucial than money.

The main reason is, that this ensures safety for the drivers. In fact, these matters much for the road safety for every fellow like the motorists, passengers and drivers alike.

The speedometer’s accuracy can get hampered by tyres that mismatch with each other for starters. This offers wrong readings and you are unaware of the speed you are actually driving at. This will put you more at risk. Being unaware of your speed, you may drive at high speed and face an accident.

Your car’s accelerating, steering, and general handling features can be affected by unmatched tyres. You will observe a loose grip and have less control over your vehicle. You will see the steering getting loose and feeling sloppy. Your vehicle will take a long time to gain speed if it has mismatched tyres. This will put you at risk especially when you need to speed up suddenly to overcome any danger like a collision on the road.

In the same way, cars with mismatched tyres also take a long time to bring them to a safe halt. There is some significance in the stopping distances, especially in snowy, moist or cold conditions.

The damaging risk factor for your car bearings increases due to mismatched or uneven tyres, which is a serious issue. The clutch of your car can also deteriorate as a result of this.

How Must the Tyres Be Changed?

You must get new tyres with a high rating of speed and each of your wheels’ must get some tyres put on them correctly. You must also fit tyres as per your users like you are going to have a race or need to use the vehicle for transporting heavy loads. You can use tyres having a profile of heavy load. Especially if you need to pull a caravan or some trailer, you will need such Dunlop Tyres Milton Keynes.

You must get recommendations either from a manufacturer of the vehicle or an auto expert if you want to make such changes. You must also not forget your insurer and must update them too. If you fail to do so, you may have your insurance invalidated.

Get Acquainted With the Size of Your Tyre

You must always check your car to get acquainted with the number of tyre sizes depicted by the sidewall. This way, you will stay assured that you use tyres of the right size for your vehicle. Also, you can trace any mismatch in the tyres and resolve the issue to prevent any bad consequences.


Thus, if you are confused about which tyre size to prefer for your car or vehicle, you must refer to the owner’s manual or an auto expert at a reliable garage.