Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC): The Value of Apple Certification

The Apple Certified Technical Coordinator program identifies people who are familiar with Mac OS X support and have a basic knowledge of Mac OS X Server. ACTC certification can be of great help when looking for jobs that involve basic networking tasks. Although previous certifications focus on technical support tasks, they focus more on network and server capabilities. If you are looking for a career focused on the Mac OS X server, this certification is almost essential. This certification shows that you can perform the most common network work functions for Mac. This certification is not only suitable for creating resumes, but also for consultants working with the Mac platform since they have a high level of understanding of Mac network concepts.

The ACTC certification requires passing the Mac OS X Support Essentials exam and the Mac OS X Server Essentials exam. As mentioned earlier, obtaining this certification also includes certification from Apple’s Certified Help Desk Specialist.

The value of Apple Certification

Apple certification is something that many do not even know exists. One reason for this is that Macs are not as popular in the corporate world as Microsoft Windows. However, it has a specific niche in the business. Creative organizations, such as advertising agencies and the media, such as newspapers, magazines, and video production sites, generally rely much more on Macs than other companies. Also, several school districts across the country are Mac-based. And most large companies sell Macs, especially corporate and video art.

For this reason, it may be useful to obtain an Apple-certified Mac Technician. Although it is not as numerous as Microsoft-certified people, Mac-certified experts benefit from the correct configuration.

Application Certifications

There are two certification paths for Apple: application-oriented and problem-solving/ solution-oriented. Apple Certified Pros have experience with specific programs, such as the Final Cut Studio video editing package or DVD Studio Pro DVD authoring software.

For specific applications, for example. For example, Logic Studio and Final Cut Studio have different levels of training, including Master Pro and Master Trainer credentials. It can be useful when working alone and editing videos, for example, by contract.

If you like teaching, consider becoming a certified Apple Coach. The main advantage of such certification would be for coaches and coaches who work with students learning the programs.

Technology Certifications

Apple also offers some titles for more “geeks.” If you like computer networks and dive into the gut of an operating system, this is the place for you.

There are three Mac OS X certifications, including:

  1.       Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP): It is an initial entitlement for support staff members who comply with the MCP. It covers the Mac OS X client, not the Mac OS X server.
  2.       Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC): The next level provides support for Mac OS X Server and intended for necessary system administrators who work in smaller networks.
  3.       Apple Certified System Administrator (ACSA): It intended for high-end Mac system administrators who work in complex and often large environments. You should have a few years of experience working and managing Mac networks before you can try it.

Apple has credentials for hardware and storage consultants. The Apple storage device is called Xsan and offers two titles for experts in the field: Xsan Administrator and Apple Certified Media Manager (ACMA). The ACMA is more technical than the Xsan administrator and includes memory architecture and network tasks.

On the hardware side, consider becoming an Apple Certified Macintosh Technician Certification (ACMT). ACMT spends much of its time separating and rebuilding desktops, laptops, and servers. It’s Apple’s version of CompTIA A + credentials.

It is Well, Worth the money?

Given a large number of Apple Field Engineer certifications available, the question is whether it is worth spending time and money since companies use much fewer Macs than PCs. An Apple fan blog asked this question and received some interesting answers.

“The certifications are beneficial and are considered accreditations recognized by the industry. I am pretty sure that Apple’s accreditation on my resume helped me find my current job,” said a certified Apple professional.

Another compared Apple’s certifications with those of Microsoft: “As for Apple and Microsoft … MCSE is a dozen. Every Apple certificate is rare, and if it has both (like me), it is very marketable and valuable for customers The shortage is the key to being precious, and my business has exploded in the last 18 months due to Apple and our demand for duplicate certificates. “

A multi-certified Mac expert said: “Certifications help show potential customers (and even potential employers) who know Mac.”

Besides, this article in the Certification Magazine explains how a university is beginning to find Apple-certified students looking for work, also thanks to the qualification.

Given these answers, it can say with certainty that Apple’s certification in the right situation is precious.