Answer to end all your HME prior authorization burdens

Prior authorizations are a complex affair and not going away any time soon. Healthcare providers are not only fed up with the way the authorization process is managed but they end up experiencing severe stress and burnout during the operation. Even though there has been a decrease in the number of manual transactions when it comes to prior authorizations due to various new technology and more specifically automation, most providers are still stuck in doing manual HME authorization operations even today. In fact, this is why today payers are also reexamining their programs to reduce the administrative burden on provider partners and various rules are been introduced to ensure a seamless way for the authorization operation.   

HME prior authorization is a burden:  

Being one of the biggest impediments to treating patients and a top regulatory burden, more than forty percent in a survey reported of hiring additional staff who works solely on completing the complex prior authorization affair. Diverting resources and time to get the prior authorization worked out, which takes away time from providing direct patient care; today providers are looking for alternative solutions.  

Sunknowledge – the leading HME prior authorization solution:  

Working with many leading names and handling complex pre authorization affairs for many decades, Sunknowledge today excels in delivering state of art customized solutions. Handling right from the beginning of the prior auth initiation, approval and the constant follow up which in-house experts often struggle with in-between juggling patient care and administrative work, Sunknowledge takes care of it all.  

With a complete understanding of the authorization regulations, payers’ requirements etc, Sunknowledge improving your authorization workflow further ensure: 

  • 100% authorization submission on the same day 
  • Quick 24 hrs turnaround time 
  • 99.9% level of accuracy rate 
  • A proactive approach to the task of cash recovery and constant communication 
  • Extensive follow up measures till resolution 
  • Detailed customized reporting which offers complete operational transparency and status update  

So if you are worried about your HME prior authorization burden, worry no more as we are here to help.