Reduce all Your Anesthesia Prior Authorization Complication with Sunknowledge Services

The process of anesthesia prior authorization requires complete operational transparency due to various reasons starting with:

  • the complex federal situation demands more clarity in service prices,
  • in order to avoid errors or delayed in the process and
  • Ensures a faster reimbursement rate etc.

In fact, one of the vital areas that need significant attention from the experts for a seamless prior authorization process is to identify the base units which will cover the usual visits, the fluid monitoring process as well as the blood products during the entire anesthesia process. Furthermore, for anesthesia prior authorization, the process additional requires documents related to:

  • A completed prior Authorization Claim Form along with the location where the procedure(s) will be performed (office, or outpatient hospital/ ambulatory setting)
  • Tentative date of service if outpatient hospital request
  • Narrative unique to the client,
  • detailing reasons for the proposed level of anesthesia etc

With such huge documentation, it often becomes time consuming and frustrating for many healthcare practices to operate a seamless prior authorization process which leads to many healthcare practices outsourcing their anesthesia PA process.

Sunknowledge Services Inc: The Powerhouse of Anesthesia Prior authorization.

Taking care of your complete authorization process to doctor’s office follow-up, Sunknowledge experts following stringent checks and continuous follow-up ensures 100% authorization submission on the same day.

Increasing the authorization rate by 1.5-2x, we further take care of all authorization initiation, approval as well as follow-up with a much faster approach maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate. In fact, partnering with us has lead many healthcare practices to achieve a better authorization solution while experiencing an 80% operational cost reduction with a 97% highest collection rate as well. Reducing the administrative burden, Sunknowledge Services with its seamless communication strategy today ensures a better authorization solution that further helps the clients in focusing more on the core tasks while ensuring a faster ROI.

So put an end to your anesthesia prior authorization misery by partnering with us right away. For more information, call us right now!

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