What Drives your Anesthesia Billing for Payments

With anesthesiology as a profession, things can go really bad in no time! While in any specialty, there can be a correction mode on! But not so with the procedures of anesthesia. We have to remember that it is not the surgeons but the anesthesiologists who keep the patients. Finding a reliable partner who can help in managing ROI is a huge blessing.

The process of anesthesia billing is already complex as they have to provide the directions to CRNA or AA. It is also important to bill the appropriate component of the procedure performed in the correct order.

On the basis of complexity, the anesthesia procedure is given base units. The number of units gets multiplied by a conversion value for a total charge. Unless you want specialized intervention, it is quite difficult to focus on service and not worry about receiving the payments on time.

Sunknowledge: Serves a complete answer

As a full-service destination, our team has the perfect understanding if the best practices of the industry, offer unparalleled support as a complete medical billing and collections company. Our team knows it all in delivering the right value and trust.

With a task-specific approach in the new patient entry, eligibility verification, prior authorization, medical coding, submitting claims, working on denials, and collecting your aging accounts receivable, we are a one-stop anesthesia billing services company.

Our team knows how to reduce billing costs by 70%, has a niche presence, and have excellent references in the industry. Speak to our team, get to know how we deliver trust and excellence as a revenue cycle management company. Leverage the Sunknowledge advantage and let us make sure that you have a transformed cash flow possibility in place.

Our experts will be happy to share our best practices with you over a “no commitment call”. Get to know us and we are sure that you will never regret it! We have the best plan for your anesthesia billing challenges.

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