Andaman – Enjoy Each And Every Bit of Traveling!

A traveler who likes to visit island destinations can be highly benefited by taking an Andaman tour package that can promise much fun and excitement.

The island is located in the Bay of Bengal, and one can practically visit the archipelago throughout the year, yet winter months from November to March can be the best suited.

From March to May, it can be a bit humid, and after that, there are monsoon periods during which the island receives at least 3000 mm of rain each year. There are 600 islands in this twin archipelago out of which only 36 are inhabited.

Only 9 islands in Andaman are open for tourists to visit around the year. In the following sections, some more insight regarding the place and all that can be done there is dealt with in detail. This information can be very useful for anyone who is looking forward to visiting this ‘paradise on earth.’

Some things to remember

There are a lot of operators that sell Andaman tour packages and therefore getting a basic understanding of the island can be very useful in selecting a plan that can be perfect for an individual or a family.

No doubt the island can be an ideal place for any nature lover due to its enormous flora and fauna all around, mangroves lined up beautifully and underwater delights that can be mesmerizing.

But at the same time, it is also very important to ensure finding out the best tour plan that can work to an advantage. Getting acquainted with all the places that can be seen on tour is also very crucial.

A person may not visit the place frequently and therefore getting an understanding of the same can be quite helpful on tour.

Some important places to visit

A package must be consistent and should have all these places in the itinerary – Port Blair, Havelock Island, Digilpur and Neil Island. Port Blair is the capital of Andaman and Nicobar islands and is a Union Territory.

There are many places worth visiting on this union territory that is mentioned here. Ross Island can be visited here but apart from Wednesdays.

The Baratang Island, Jolly Bouy Island and Cellular Jail can be visited here apart from Mondays although the light and sound show does happen at Cellular Jail even on Mondays. The North Bay Island and Chidia Tapu are open all around and going to these places can be quite entertaining.

A visit to Havelock Island can be very well desired by any tourist and any itinerary will definitely have it. It is one of the biggest islands and is also connected to a large number of small islands.

The beaches on this island are exotic and breath-taking. It has some beautiful coral reefs apart from amazing greenery that can be quite alluring. There is Lakshmanpur beach here that has pristine white sand and the blue sea all around, and this site can be marvelous.

There is also the Elephant beach that can be reached by boats and here, one can enjoy snorkeling easily.

An Andaman tour package will be empty without having a visit to Diglipur. The town is the largest in North Andaman, and the place is quite eco-friendly. Taking a look all around this place can be quite charming. There is a twin-island that is known as Rose and Smith Island near here, and it is worth a visit because both of these islands are only joined by a sandbar! The Ram Nagar beach is also located in Diglipur, and it is also quite popular due to the famous Olive Ridley turtles that are exclusively found here.

Packages may also list out a visit to the Neil Island, and that can be very helpful because the place has some amazing biodiversity, coral reefs, forest and enough sandy beaches that can be magnificent for a holiday visit.

At this place, one can enjoy a perfect swim in the calm waters of Bharatpur beach. Then, there is a natural bridge that has formed in the area, and it can help in providing a superb view of the whole place.

The famous Sitapur beach is also located here and anyone visiting Neil Island can be amply satisfied.

The island offers much activity to the visitors

Any tourist visiting the Andaman and Nicobar islands can be sure enough to get a lot of activities over here due to the fact that enough marine biodiversity is available on the island and therefore much scope is there to discover it apart from games and other features.

On the North Bay island, one can always plan for a sea walk, in the Havelock island, kayaking and scuba diving can be done easily, a traveler can have an amazing experience through the glass boat ride, and fishing trips can be undertaken at Cinque island.

Kids can enjoy coral safari that is semi-submarine and can look beautiful. In the Baratang Island, people can also enjoy trekking although this may not be suitable for elderly people.

Swapna. Snorkeling near South Button island. Andaman & Nicobar islands. April 2014

Therefore, we can see here that a range of activities may be available in an itinerary and it is very important to identify them earlier.

Spending the number of days here can depend on a person

There are different packages that are available, and each one of them promises different types of offerings to a tourist.

Now, the exact number of days that a person may want to spend in Andaman can be decided by exactly what is expected to be seen on tour and the places that one needs to visit here.

There are many different types of tour packages available, but it can be the best to stay on the island for at least 5-8 days, if not more; so that you can enjoy sightseeing its rich vegetation along with all the important places.

The best part is that many tour packages can be customized according to one’s need and it can be the best to select such a package so that it can be convenient for a tourist to visit the places that one may be interested in.

The island offers some exotic locales on earth that can be worth the watch and together with its blue waters, corals, white sandy beaches and rich tropical vegetation, the place can be absolutely captivating for anyone.