An Argument for 32 Inch Tires

If you personally are looking for a reason to get yourself a new unicycle and are kicking around the idea of going with a model with 32-inch tires, then hear out a few of the arguments made herein. There are some riders who would tell you to skirt the 32 and go with a model that has 29-inch tires or even 36-inch tires instead, but actually there are a few good reasons you should at least take a look at a 32-inch model while you are shopping.

Some will say that the 29-inch models are preferable to models with larger tires because it is easier to ride them and there is less resistance when trying to build rotational momentum. For some riders, especially those very concerned about handling for mountain or trail riding over and around obstacles, this is a valid concern. Some also see smaller wheel sizes as more forgiving because it can be easier to stop and start the progress of a unicycle with a smaller tire due to the lessened rotational momentum mentioned. There are riders who prefer a smaller tire for certain benefits of handling, and there’s nothing wrong with that preference.

Yet for riders for whom this is not as much of a concern, such as those who are concerned with speed and from getting from A to B most quickly and efficiently (such as commuters) larger sized tires are preferable. It may be harder to start and stop them, but at the same time, if you are only riding on the road and using your unicycle to get to or from work, the same handling afforded by smaller tires might not matter as much. Sometimes, these riders overlook models with 32-inch tires in favor of attractive models with 36-inch tires instead.

Yet there is a place for models with 32-inch tires between these two. Unicycles with tires of this diameter actually perform fairly well between the two and combine some of the benefits of each with ease. For example, a 32-inch unicycle can be handled remarkably well, and though it could not be called as forgiving as a 29-inch model, they are agile and can be managed.

The prime determinant of speed on a unicycle is the tire diameter, so for those concerned with speed, they might not consider a 32-inch model. However, though a 32-inch model will handle well, like a 29-inch model, it will also be faster, by about 2 or 3 miles per hour. Yet that same 32-inch model would only be about 1 mph slower than a comparable model with 36-inch tires. It’s just something to think about in your search for a new unicycle.

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