Amenities you should consider before buying your first home

Dream homes do not happen often. And, buying your first home involves a lot of planning, strategy, blood-sweat, and emotion. So, when you are investing a considerable amount of your hard earned money on something from your long cherished wish list, you need to take care of each and every aspects of it. Real estate is one of the most expensive purchases and there is no place for regrets after investing money into it. If you are a young buyer who is just set to start your family, you need a space where you can live hassle free and your children can grow up happy and healthy with all the necessities in life.

Before you come to any conclusion that you have found the right home, let us help you dig deeper into it.

  1. Consider the location

If your agent or seller is showing you a rosy picture of a beautiful luxurious home in the cheapest price, do not fall for it. Always consider the location of your property and prioritize it in the first place. Whether you want to live far from the maddening crowd in a suburb or in the midst of a happening city is up to you. But, it is necessary to put some thought into considering the nearest schools, markets, hospitals, convenience from the workplace, and so on. Proximity to several other amenities like a shopping mall, a movie theatre that is important to you is also necessary. Talk to your neighbors and decide if the location meets all your criteria to live in there. There are some new 2/3 BHK Apartments in Maheshtala that are now under construction developed by Eden city are located in such a place where all the amenities are in considerable proximity.

  1. Indoor amenities

Once your budget is set, you know what to expect at your price point. Premium homes may use more resilient flooring like tile or wood, solid surfacing in modular kitchens such as granite or slate. Home buyers consider 4 areas of the home very importantly – master bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. If your budget allows you, go for a modular kitchen with under cabinet lighting, recessed lighting for pendants above the dining table settings. Similarly, don’t forget to consider the sanitary fittings, plumbing fixtures, tap and shower, etc for a bathroom.

  1. Consider the ceiling

When it comes to the structural safety of a building, pay attention to the ceiling. Water spots on the ceiling indicate possible leaks and creaks from structural damage. Also look for the cracks in dry walls, wall surfaces or where the roof meets the wall – these are the possible warning signs of water leaking. Also, a ceiling is an important aspect to manage your home’s energy efficiency and reducing your heating or cooling bills with effective insulation. You’ll pay 40% more on your heating or cooling costs if you overlook the insulation of the ceiling. Insulation slows down heat transfer who keeps your room warm in the winter and cool in summer.

  1. Outdoor facilities of your home

Check if there are proper drainage and sewerage system in place. Badly constructed sewerage systems will require you to empty them every now and then and if your apartment is on the ground floor, then there is more suffering waiting for you. There should be a space for your children to play or banquet area for small celebrations. Consider other facilities like library, swimming pool, gym etc, if your budget permits. Take into consideration the stairs, properly waterproofed roof, elevators, common area lighting, pump, internal concealed plumbing for day to day function.

  1. Resale value of a property:

Last but not least, though it is your first home always keep in mind the resale value of the property while buying one. You don’t know when you have to shift or move your residence for some reason. It is good to invest in a developing area. Keep in mind, who are the potential buyers for it, if it has a parking or garage facility because most homeowners with a car find it extremely difficult to live in a home without garage, if it has enough open space for natural light and air for cross ventilation as most people prefer greenery and open spaces while owning a home etc.

If you are looking for all these amenities without the hustle and bustle of city life, buy 2 BHK Residential Flats near Budge Budge. It is the perfect place that meets all these above criteria that is ideal for a happy and healthy living.