Reduce your Ambulance Prior Authorization Complication with Sunknowledge

In order to improve patient safety and reduce unnecessary costs, the process of the prior authorizations (PA) within the U.S was created through the application of evidence-based care best practices. However, today due to the complex authorization process and ever-changing billing regulations, the process has a significant negative impact on patient care and well as physicians. Today the Prior Authorization processes represent an estimated $ 23 to $ 31 billion administrative cost on the U.S. health system annually and with all the labor cost increases, it is one of the areas that many healthcare practices are concern about especially in infusion, ambulance prior authorization domain. Finding a team of experts who can efficiently handle your complex prior authorization process at a cost-effective rate is really changing for many. In fact today the numerous challenges in today’s healthcare domain make the process of prior authorization one of the highest costs and most frustrating payer/provider transactions in the medical billing business.

Sunknowledge Services: a perfect destination for all complex ambulance prior authorization process:

Understanding the complete ambulance prior authorization and medical policy requirements which often confuse providers, our experts today ensures a seamless authorization solution closing all the authorization gaps faster and efficiently. Taking care of the complete authorization process starting from authorization initiation, continuous follow-up and faster approval, our experts further work on timely claims submission and with assured 100 % prior authorization submission on the same day. Maintaining a 99.9 % accuracy rate, our experts ensure three prior authorization requests in an hour and a 95 percent approval rate for our prior authorization activities. Increasing your providers’ collection rates by 97 percent within the first 30 days of billing, we further eliminate all the unnecessary charge that increases your operational cost.

Alleviating many of ambulance prior authorization challenges, our experts today is one of the leading authorization solutions with the highest productivity metrics and excellent industry references across the US as well.

Resolving all your complex ambulance prior authorization, we are the perfect destination. For more information on how partnering with us can change your entire prior authorization for the better, we are just a call away!

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