All you need to know about travelling to Scotland for the first time

Have you never visited Scotland and wonder what it has to offer? Scotland is filled with mountains, castles, lochs, whisky, parks, and wonderful locals. If you crave all these things, then you must plan to go to Scotland after the pandemic gets over. Right now, as COVID-19 has become worse with the discovery of the mutant virus, we need to stay at home and stay safe.

What to see in Scotland?

Have you heard about Loch Ness Monster? Well, Scotland is home to the famous Lock Ness Lake. It is situated near the Inverness from where Loch Ness is only 25 minutes away. Glasgow is another city that is a downtown hub with a university, parks, historical monuments, and museums. If you like to feel the youthful spirit of the city, then you can always give it a go.

Do you want to do something fun like solving puzzles at the historic chapel near Edinburgh? You will get to figure out the Da Vinci Code. The chapel is set with symbolism and sophisticated artwork, which is a hub for conspiracy theorists. One of the famous attractions in Scotland is Cathedrals. A few of them are Palace in Fife, Melrose Abbey in the Borders, Dunfermline Abbey, and St. Magnus Cathedral in Orkney Island. Don’t miss out on the Glasgow Cathedral, which is the oldest one in Glasgow.

If you crave for visiting local markets, then you can visit the farmer’s market in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Do you know that the Scottish invented golf? If you enjoy playing golf, then this travel is going to be a lot of fun. Don’t forget of visiting the ruins of Melrose Abbey. It is decorated with artwork on the remaining carved walls.

If you are one of those people who love to hike, then you can surely visit the Cuillin. Two prominent ridges can be visited in a day or two day’s hiking trip. You can stay at campgrounds or hostel in Glenbrittle. There is a cave situated called Smoo cave in Durness. You get to tour the whole cave in around 20 minutes.

Scotland is not only about everything else; you will also get to enjoy partying. Many good cafes provide you with great food, good beer and of course pub food. If you are thinking to visit Edinburgh at the time of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, then surely book your tickets. It is one of the largest art festivals. It includes plays, puppet shows, live music, and musicals.

What is the travelling and accommodation cost in Scotland?

There are many options for you in case of accommodation. You can live in dorm rooms in Scotland, which costs between 18 to 22 GBP in peak season and 12 GBP during the winter season. You get a locker and free Wi-Fi. If you want to rent a private room, then it can cost you a lot more.

If you want to live in a hotel, then you can live in a two-star hotel with costs around 50 GBP per night. You get free Wi-Fi with breakfast at around 65 GBP. At the same time, a three-star hotel is budgeted approximately 90 GBP per night. If you are travelling with your family or friends and need a private home for your stay, then you can always book a house through Airbnb. You can get an entire house or apartment at around 50 GBP per night. If you want to go camping, then you can rent a tent for about 17 GBP per night.

If you are planning a backpacking tour, then you can visit Scotland for 45 to 55 GBP per night. You can stay in dorm rooms, hostels, camping, and have to cook your food, use local transportation, and enjoy free activities. If you are looking for a mid-range budget trip, then it can cost you 90 to 120 GBP per night. For a luxury budget, the trip can cost you around 210 GBP per night.

How can you save money while on a Scotland trip?

No matter which type of trip you plan for yourself and your friends, you must want to know how you can save some money. The first thing that you can do is get Edinburgh city pass to explore the city and visit 22 attractions with free transportation. You can have your meals at the pub and save so much money while enjoying local cuisine. Use public transport, and visit free museums to get to know more about their culture. If you need money on an emergency basis, then you can apply for fast loans with no guarantor required.

You can even get AoneCredit. You can take a free walking tour and avoid shopping in city centers. If you have access, then you can cook your meal as well.

We hope all this information and tips will help the next time you plan a trip to Scotland. It will be easier to book accommodations online beforehand to avoid last-minute problems. Don’t forget to keep a medical kit with you in case of an emergency. Always search for the kind of weather it is going to be during your visit to help yourself packing appropriate clothes.

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