All You Need to Know About Portable Storage Units

Not sure about renting a portable storage unit in Atlanta? Read below to know all you need to understand about these storage boxes.

Surely, you have seen portable storage units; maybe in front of a neighbor’s house or on a highway tagging behind a moving truck. But what is their true purpose? Do you have any idea about that? Not much right!? Hence, I felt the need to acquaint you with portable storage units and what they are used for.

What are Portable Storage Units?

These are storage containers that are large, temperature-controlled, and secured boxes that are used for moving offices or houses. It can accommodate everything starting from furniture and musical instruments to antique items to small personal items. It is used to transport the items to a storage facility or the new office or home.

Often people use portable storage units to transport things like paintings and carpets that might be sensitive to dust and humidity. Since these storage units are weather-controlled, they are safe to transport such items. These are quite affordable and convenient to move and store things temporarily. Most packers and movers in Atlanta offer portable storage units to their clients.

What are the Different Uses of Portable Storage Units?

A person can rent a portable storage unit in Atlanta for the following reasons:

Extra Home Storage

Although temporary and only till you find a permanent solution to your extra items, portable storage units can be used for keeping them locked temporarily. These come in handy when you are decluttering your house and need extra space to keep the additional stuff temporarily.


When you are moving from one house or apartment to another or moving offices, you might require more than one day to settle in. Portable storage units give you that buffer time, to keep your belongings locked inside the unit and parked on the driveway, while you take your time to unload and arrange the interiors.


Are you planning to renovate your house? Where do you plan to keep your furniture and other belongings? The portable storage unit is a solution for you in such situations. You can rent the unit till the renovations are done and keep your furniture and other belongings inside the unit within your premises. That way you can protect it from getting damaged during the renovations.

Storage for an Event 

Need some additional storage for an event? You can get a portable storage unit and use it for a day or to store the additional things you need securing during the event. It’s an easy and affordable alternative to long-term storage units.

These are all the essential uses of portable storage units that you can rent from packers and movers in Atlanta to fulfill myriad requirements. Before renting, make sure that the storage unit is secured and temperature controlled so that your valuables remain intact while on storage.

AUTHOR BIO: Rick Carter is a passionate blogger with a career as a packer and mover in Atlanta, writing about the basic facts related to a portable storage unit in Atlanta.

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