All You Need to Know About Pocket Troops Mod Apk?

A mobile game is called Pocket Troops mod apk : Strategy RPG Mod Apk. Recent update was published on February 27, 2022. initially developed for Android and iOS. PORTABLE TROOPS

The little special soldiers are prepared for your orders, Commander. In the military shooter cartoon Pocket Troops, you command a gangster mini-army of valiant and determined commanders in war against military-tough bosses.

Are you looking for a squad of mobile frontline tiny warriors? Create a combat-ready force of minion soldiers. Take a mismatched group of warriors into battle after recruiting and training them. Take on other players to prove your dominance in the action.

Lighthearted gameplay with strategic and tactical fights and indirect troop management are included in the military features.

A strategy shooter in the armor games genre is called Pocket Troops.

Tiny, irate soldiers with a massive arsenal of bizarre weapons and equipment.

Smash your opponents and devise innovative gun game fighting strategies. Never consider a mission to be impossible!

A wicked army bad guy with a bizarre past intends to rule the world so he can force everyone to wear black. Time for the army!

Upgrades to the military base’s shelters, as well as fun interactive features like a fish tank, cash machine, and toys like “soft kitty, warm kitty, and a small ball of fluff” are all there. However, there is actually a wide variety of weapons available to smash an enemy, including cannons, shotguns, sniper rifles, machine guns, artillery, and more. The shelter will house all of your weapons!

A guinea pig named Boris served as the inspiration and approval for the handcrafted music and comical images.

I tell you what! Simply put, our special operations forces are made up of funny jokes that will always find a way to make you chuckle.

Number of Mercenaries and their Unique Features and Abilities:


a soldier who is quick, light, well-armored, and in combat. geared up with medium-caliber automatic weapons. a fantastic unit to take the lead in combat.


an expert with long-range weapons who has the highest accuracy and chance of dealing critical damage. yet has a poor defense.


In this strategy shooter, long-range weapons with splash damage can hit numerous targets.

Heavy machine guns with a long-range are to Commander’s taste. high damage output at the expense of poor precision. He is a very difficult opponent because of his high health points and regeneration. a genuine soldier!


a shotgun freak for close-quarters combat. high precision and many targets are covered by splash damage. uses nades to counter long-ranged adversaries.


a specialist in close-quarters warfare who is light and well-armored. Training is challenging but well worth it. His teleportation techniques can seriously confound his adversary. a real killer.

Enjoy this game of pocket troops Mod apk and fulfill your dream of playing in a battlefield.


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