All about Medical Billing Challenges and its Solution

Being a time-consuming process, medical billing services can be challenging. According to a survey, 50 % of primary care stated being overwhelmed with medical billing procedure updates and their changes.  In fact, here are the top 3 challenges in medical billing services that have taken troll on many providers.

Knowledge gaps- with the continuous changing of medical science and its regulations, it is often difficult to keep a track of new billing regulations constantly. And for in-house billers juggling in between administrative work and billing operation is quite a challenge. This not only results in missing out on a few requirements but also results in errors.

Claims issues – Soft, harsh, avoidable, clinical, and administrative denials are the five types of denials. Claims denial can be caused due to several reasons. However, more than half of them can be avoided if careful measures are taken.

Lack of skilled billers and coders- a medical billing practice needs an experienced team of billers and certified coders who are not only proficient in working on different billing software but are equally equipped with the complete pre and post-billing knowledge. Experienced biller not only reduces your chances of errors but also ensure a faster reimbursement rate.

Sunknowledge -a powerful one-stop medical billing destination:

Covering both the pre and post medical billing services for many leading names in the industry, Sunknowledge Services Inc today is listed among the top medical billing solution across the US. With a complete understanding of the recent industry mandates, billing requirements and all the documentation needs, we have got you all covered starting from – data entry, eligibility verification, prior authorization, medical coding, claims and AR management and many more; our experts take care of it all.

From reducing your overall cost of operation by 80% to successfully maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate, our expert puts special attention on providing our clients with improved ROI and a better billing operation that will help in faster collections.

In fact, the best part of choosing us as your medical billing operational partner is apart from being experts in working on different billing platforms, our experts are equally proficient in resolving aging AR which no other RCM organization can offer. reducing your AR bucket by 30% within the first month itself and assuring the highest collection rate of 97%, we are in fact the only RCM solution offering the highest productivity metrics which no other RCM organization can meet or beat.

So what are you waiting for? Call us right now can let us show you how our experts can transform your medical billing operation with better ROI in a month.

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