Affordable ways to give your home a monsoon makeover

It’s that time of the year when staying indoors, curling up with a book and a steaming cup of ‘Chai’ seems like bliss. The season brings some relief from the scorching heat of the sun and earth looks heavenly with the bloom all over. While the pitter-patter of the raindrops, soothing petrichor and the gentle fragrant breeze makes us feel all romantic and refreshing, the season also brings gloominess along with grey clouds and humidity.

Though the outdoor celebrates the heart-quenching monsoons, we battle with grey skies, gloomy rooms and musty smells. As we have to stay mostly at home, why not make the staying-indoor experience more enjoyable? Beat the gloomy-greys and brighten up your home during the rains. Manisha Gupta, an Interior Decorator living in a 2 BHK residential flat near Nangi station in Kolkata said, “The best way to beat the monsoon blues is revamping your indoors and make it cosier, cooler and a more vibrant space.”

What did she suggest? Let’s go find out the simple tricks and tips to enliven your home:

1. Change window dressing:
Ditch the heavy draperies and invest in some sheer curtains in your home. The sheer and lace curtains allow sunshine to stream in making your space vibrant and airy. Floral prints are always in for monsoon home décor. Go for big, colourful floral prints in your curtains, table cloths and even sofa linens. This will change the overall appearance of the space, drive away the gloominess and give your house a vibrant twist.

2. Introduce colourful accessories:
The idea is to create a contrast between gloomy outside and your space. Pop coloured cushions, colourful vases, potpourri and marbles in a white bowl all contribute to brighten your home and uplift your spirit. Use colours like peacock blue, lemon green and rose reds or bright shades of tangerine, citrus, turquoise and pinks instead of greys, blues and dark shades. Change your cushion covers regularly to keep your décor fresh and preppy.

3. Have blooming beauties:
Monsoon brings the freshness in nature and your home can be touched with the rejuvenating effect with some greenery around. Miss Gupta says, “Flowers and indoor plants can bring in the much needed natural scent into your homes. I always opt for fresh flowers like lilies, tuberoses, tulips etc. to decorate my home in monsoon. In my apartment near Batanagar, I utilize the old wine bottles and vases and paint them in vibrant colours before placing the flowers in them which is a very affordable way to add the spark in your home décor. Old boots can also be transformed into vases which can be kept outside the entrance to give an amazing rainy season look.”

4. Spruce up your balcony:
It’s nice to watch the rains beat down in your balcony with a hot cup of tea in your hand as you spend the day lazing on your hammock. Hang some wind chimes that will soothe your mood with its sweet and pleasant sound. If you have some space in the balcony, invest in some good quality outdoor furniture. You can place some quirky outdoor rugs too. Place some colourful hanging planters or plant some creepers and climbers. Opt for live plants that add a plethora of colours in dull walls. Whatever you do, just remember that the rain shouldn’t damage the décor.

5. Take care of floors:
Last but not the least, placing a high-absorbent doormat at the entrance is very important in monsoon to avoid masses of mud getting inside your house. Floors of your home are mostly exposed to dirt in monsoon. Look for eco-friendly doormats or rugs made of jute or recycled rubber in vibrant colours and shapes. Also, keep a sleek vase or basket at the front of the main door for keeping umbrellas so that your guests don’t leave a water trail before entering your home.

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